lets do the news

  first the really important story…It’s a human interest story from the Grape Gazette.

Roscoe, fluffy and mollie seem to be hitting it off.  In fact I’m almost certain there may be a little inter-species lesbian thing going on if you know what I mean.  Roscoe is happy because someone speaks his language, mollie is happy because she has someone to snuggle with, and If I’m not mistaken the two of them being happy means FLUFFY IS A FREAK.

Maybe the rat bastards won’t kill me and grill me after all.

   the new intelligence estimate is out.  I’m willing to bet half of the readers here could’ve done as well.  Why do they always play politics with our security?  you would think on this at least they would all speak with one voice.  they can’t though.  You can’t be the most important if you agree with someone else.   Here’s the link…you shouldn’t bother…nothing new here


  Pakistan is trying to take the lead in the death by suicide bombing category from Iraq.  Man what a mess they are, and our assistant secretary of state is calling for more military action from Pervez .  Man, we do have some seriously militaristic type s running our country.  Unfortunately, the ruling party in the congress (the democrats) have no balls, so it will continue.


I don’t know about you, but I love poker.  I’m a huge 7 card stud fan, but the game of choice has become texas hold ’em.  Probably because any idiot can figure it out.  It’s preschool poker, but its big time money.  The world series of poker main event final table is playing, and the winner is going home over $8M richer.  Only Lee Watkinsoon is recognizeable, and the players come from all over the globe.


Harry Potter book available in its entirity online.  ok, this is really cool.   First….read the blue box on the left with the guys picture on it.  Then read the story.  Then go, well what the hell does that ….


In keeping with the Bush Administrations policy of attacking anyone anytime, parachutists jumped on the fremont prison in colorado.  I think its about time we attacked colorado.  whats interesting is these guys, when asked for identification gave the guards a paper that said they were defense department employees…that may not seem like much to you civilians, buut any former military man or woman reading this is going HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


A pro wrestling story just for MDVP..its the chris benoit thing, and it lays out a pretty good run on how it all went down…Yes, he had steroids in his system


  I told you text messaging was from hell.  This story is one you gotta see…then tell your kids to watch it.


Obama girl vs. giuliani girl…this is pretty dumb, but I’ve never linked to booty on my blog so here yuh go


maybe the first step toward proving me right, Iran and the U.s will hold direct talks about Iraq in Baghdad.  The pauliacs will hate this, and Ron Paul must be shuffking his scare mongering feet a little too.


ok, that does it for the news…lots of murders, a dude burned his wife to death, Michael Vick indicted for dog fighting (what an asswit he is), those nurses accused of spreading HIV in children in libya are getting their death sentences commuted to life in prison, etc. etc.  It just oges on.  I think next time I do the news I’ll only do the good stuff.  Which means this post would’ve been one paragraph long

15 Responses to lets do the news

  1. mdvp says:

    Damn, they had to ruin the last book. I can’t believe it. I could definitely go for taking my anger out on a certain S-P state somewhere north of California.

  2. there are states north of california? and whose idea was it not to just give them to canada may i ask?

  3. mdvp says:

    I don’t know, they’d be more socialist there and that’s what the 5 and 4 people in Oregon and Washington (respectively) want, isn’t it? I could go for Colorado too if they’re not available though.

  4. i think we should cede texas to mexico and oregon and washington to canada…throw in maine if they’ll take it..nothing but a drain o nthe treasury anyway

  5. mdvp says:

    I’m good with Oregon, Maine, Washington to Canada and with any luck Vermont will join them of its own free will (never liked Ben & Jerry’s anyway). But Texas to Mexico? Do you want the Dems to control the country? I’m all for California to Mexico, serves them right, but not Texas.

  6. i kinda liked californina…if i was travelling from louisiana to New mexico i would have to go through iowa.

  7. Anita Marie says:

    You guys are funny.

    Canada doesn’t want Washington State- you couldn’t give us to them for free- they think we’re a bunch of ‘short bus’ kids if you get my drift.

    So you’re stuck with us.

    Sorry 🙂

  8. we weren’t going to let them have you anita..we were going to help you cross the border illegally into idaho.

  9. mdvp says:

    Not socialist enough for them huh? I wonder what they think of Vermont, though. And I agree with criminy. I’d fund the project; the only stipulation would be that you have to vote Fred ’08. But you don’t need me to tell you that, I know how you agree with me on everything. 🙂

  10. Anita Marie says:

    Oh…you haven’t heard?

    At one point the there was a movement from some people living in the Eastern half of Washington State who wanted to split the state in half.

    They wanted to join Idaho.

    It didn’t help when the some wise guys from the Western half asked if there wasn’t a legal way to allow them to leave could we just give them to Idaho.

    Besides, Idaho won’t let people like me in…I was born in Seattle. I’m an undesireable .


  11. i had no idea you were born in seattle anita…that makes it hard to blame the potato people.


  12. Anita Marie says:

    I don’t drink coffee either.
    So I’ve been tossed out of Seattle as well.
    I’m such a Rebel.


  13. mdvp says:

    Wow, anita. Seems like you’re getting a lot of negativity from the people in surrounding places. I think you should be proud of where you’re from, even if everyone else, sometimes applying to me, thinks you kind of suck (not you, personally. I like you.)

  14. mdvp says:

    Oh, and that reminded me of something, anita. Do you know anyone who drinks lattes, espressos, or cappuccinos? If so, what are their political beliefs?

  15. Anita Marie says:

    It’s part of the charm of living in the Pacific Northwest- it’s complicated and I kid about it a lot but really I do love it here…otherwise I’d be back in Hawaii (where my Mom’s family lives )

    Washington is a great place to live…our politics are very wonky though…no doubt about that. No matter which party you belong to you’re usually climbing the walls by lunch time.

    So fire away- take your best shot cause it’s NOTHING compared to what we say to each other 😉 and thanks…I think you’re cool too.

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