Ron Paul;

  Howdy, bub.  How goes the race for the white house?  I have some questions, and no, I’m not one of your supporters so the same old schlock answers aren’t going to make me say “you go Ron” as I continue cleaning my bazooka.  You want to be president so that you can return us to liberty.  To the freedom our forefathers intended

1.  Your followers have me a little confused, and so do you.  Are you for states rights, or individual rights?  I ask because I don’t see the difference between having a state dictate to me what I can and can’t do versus the federal government doing that.

2.  Are you for or against gay rights?  you get a little uncomfortable it seems talking about it, but as a libertarian, don’t you think they should have the same individual liberties as everyone else?

3.  When you say “it’s not in the constitution” are you advocating a government that does only what is expressly permitted in the constitution, or for a federal government that does what is not proscribed by the constitution>  It may seem semantic, but it isn’t.

4.  when you advocate free trade, do you understand that countries like China use slave labor, and a host of other unfair business practices, and as president would you be willing to attach appropriate taxes and tariffs on the import of goods to ensure a level playing field for American industry?

5.  What would you consider justification for use of America’s military?  would it be enough for a foreign entity to attack U.S. citizens abroad, or would they actually have to attack U.S. soil?  Would you be willing to honor America’s longstanding mutual defense treaties with such nations as Taiwan?

6.  up until now, the government has known that cigarettes are a deadly product, and have chosen to tax them at incredibly high rates instead of making them illegal.  How do you feel about products known to cause death in a high percentage of their users being sold legally?  If you approve of the practice, do you consider it proper for the government to profit off the sales of such products?

7.  The gold standard or backing currency with gold has caused most experts to consider you a bit of an eccentric.  Do you feel it’s sensible for the U. S. Government to buy up trillions of dollars worth of a precious metal when our deficti is already alarmingly high?

8.  By placing the responsibility for governing so heavily on the states, it seems that the federal government would become a referee in disputes between the states and individual rights. Is that a sensible role for an advanced societies central government to be playing?  We are not living in the age of our forefathers, and in  fact it strikes me that for states to be controlling almost everything it would put the U.S. at a decided disadvantage when it comes to competing with other nations.

9.   If you could change only one thing by becoming president what would that one thing be?  Your underwear is not an option.

10.  Are you for the seperation of church and state being treated as the constitution intends, or for the watered down variety we see in use today?


C. Jicket

founder of the Grape Party


24 Responses to Ron Paul;

  1. Conundrum says:

    This is deliciously beautiful but it will confuse “them” …and by “them”, I mean people who are not members of the Grape Party.

    You know who you are!!!

  2. they’ll never read it…i’m mostly persona no grata with the pauliacs…they don’t like me at all

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  4. mdvp says:

    Guess who just lost my vote.

  5. hey….i was just asking

  6. mdvp says:

    Where do you get “Separation of Church and State” from the Constitution for one?

  7. really? you take issue with that? i thought sure it would be #3

    it’s covered in the first three articles. I should have used the word “implied”

  8. mdvp says:

    It doesn’t ‘imply’ that at all. I’ll throw statistics about Christianity in the Constitution at you, I swear I will.

  9. mdvp says:

    And 3 seemed a lot like semantics to me.

  10. yeah yeah yeah…sorry, i’m writing another article and got my crap mixed up…its the first amendment to the constitution and the word lord is the only holy word used in the constitution and it is only used as a means of expressing the date.

    i do to much crap at once is all

  11. naw, one of my favorite sayings is that which is not expressly forbidden is implicitly allowed.

    only being allwed to do what the constitution says is a lot more restrictive than being allowed to do that which is not forbidden

  12. my kids like that saying to…they beat me to death with it

  13. mdvp says:

    IDK (wow, did I say that?), but my authoritative books say this of the Constitution:

    34% of citations came from the Bible, represented as the most quoted source.

  14. that seems a bit low based on the importance of religion at the time in most aspects of life.

    i use this source some, but check things when you use them

  15. mdvp says:

    I don’t need to check this book, the title is ‘Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies.’ Good enough to verify it for me.

  16. anything with a title like that, regardless of the order of the nouns is good by me

  17. mdvp says:

    Wouldn’t you say that anyone who wrote a book titled “Conservative Liberal to Comebacks Lies” is a bit unhinged? That’s what came to mind first…

  18. you can put them in any order you like. the author will still appear a bit unhinged to me.

  19. mdvp says:

    Hey, it’s a fact filled book.

  20. who wrote it and i assume it has your recommendation?

  21. mdvp says:

    It does. It was written by Gregg Jackson, who I’ve never heard of, but still, very informatational. It learned me a lot. It’s point by point so it’s more of a guide to debating people such as yourself.

  22. ahhhh, like you need that. Think I’ll go get a copy to combat this continuous losing the argument streak i’m on lately

  23. mdvp says:

    It won’t work for you. Not only does it contain arguments against a lot of what you believe, there is an intense security system designed to combat liberals trying to steal our secrets built in, and I’m not sure if you’d register as a liberal.

  24. hah…then you haven’t read tonights posts. *L*

    wait…you just called me a liberal…let me get these gloves off

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