Sometimes fair isn’t fair

  Fair.  My pops said fair is a place you go to ride a ferris wheel.  My pops can oversimplifiy anything, which certainly helped limit confusion as to where he stood.

   I’ve been embroiled in a discussion over the last couple of days about how numbers are the objective way to run a country.  Everything should be dictated to us based on math,  I think he’s an economist, and has spent to much time with his slide rule.  I’d tell you where it is so you could go read it, but to be honest I’ve sorta just been trying to drive him insane, and if it works I’ll clue y’all in.

   He keeps saying things like “what could be fairer than that?”  Well, sorry homie, but fair don’t get it done.  Fair is a myth.  There is nothing in life that is fair.  One of my favorite “fairness doctrines” of his is his tax idea.  No matter how much you make, you should pay the same 19% of your income.  This is fair.  Yes, to people making a reasonable amount of money, this is fair.  I think Ron Paul is a flat taxer as well.  Speaking of whom…if you go to vote smart .org you can read everything this sucker has said on the floor of the house since before 9/11. Aw hell, here’s the link.  It also has other public interviews and speeches, so you pauliacs can read something other than the schleppy speeches Lew Rockwell is spoon feeding you.

anyway.  Why flat tax isn’t fair.  Let’s start with an obvious model.  Bill Gates and say someone living on the minimum wage. 2080 times call it 7 bucks an hour = 14,560…less call it 20% =round it to $11,700.00.  Thats to live on…for a year.

Now I know you’re saying well, Bill Gates earned his money, and shouldn’t have to pay more.  But that’s not fair is it?  Bill Gates has a lot more access to services  than the person who is taking home 11K, now doesn’t he…therefore he should pay more. A lot more.  He also has a lot more access to all the places and things America has to offer.  The american dream just simply is not there for everybody.  You can in your elitist way say that it’s their own fault, but if you didn’t grow up in Cabrini Green you really don’t know whether one of its inhabitants is blameless or not.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like what our government did by creating a dependancy on government handouts, but government did do it.  They have also run a lot of jobs out of America leaving even more Americans in the ever lengthening shadow of poverty.  It’s easy to sit in a position of advantage and look at those not in that position with a cynical eye.  That’s ok.  Look down on whoever you want.  but pay your FAIR share. 

  As far as the rich fleeing the country if you tax them fairly?  Let them…freeze their assets as they run.  The elite have fleeced America with the aid of their government cronies. I see no reason not to make them pay it back.  (I just want to see if that pisses off a guy I know) .

Authors note: these are not necessarily my views.  Fair just makes me a little irate, since in politics nobody seems to know what fair really is.  I do not live in Cabrini Green, do not take government handouts, and get paid a reasonably fair wage.  I should probably just be selfish, but can’t look at the weakest members of our society, and contemplate how to enrich myself off them.  It’s kind of sick that anyone can.  Interestingly enough, I still think Darwin had some good theories.


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