How Ron Paul can win the presidency

  I know, you think I’m joking.  I should be.  Our society should be able to see through all the pandering his disciples are doing, but I really don’t think they can. They should be able to see through the political gamesmanship the two major parties are involved in, but if people were cognizant of it then we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Here’s just a thought on how Ron Paul could win. There are a lot of hypotheticals involved, but it’s better than his “I have no chance” plan.

1.  We suffer no major terrorist attack on our soil between now and the election.  This is important because as long as there is no attack George Bush’s policies will get no credit for it.  People wouldn’t give George Bush credit for pharting if he let a loud, disgusting whopper in front of the white house press corps.  As long as there isn’t an attack the democrats and Ron Paul take the edge.  I’m not counting Fred yet, because Fred isn’t counting Fred yet.

2.  The democrats nominate Hillary Clinton.  I think this is going to happen.  I knw all the newsies are gaga over Barack right now, but it is going to become all to obvious that he hasn’t the experience necessary to win the white house. Neither does his campaign staff.  Hillary would lose the centrists, and even some of the lefties.  She isn’t all that likeable.

3.  Rudy continues to go right.  His comments about only seating strict constructionist judges does not sit well in the center, and the right wing christian conservatives are not a large enough block to get him elected.  Right wing Rudy can’t win the nomination, and this would open the door for Ron.

4.  Mitt continues to be mormon.  i know it shouldn’t matter, but we live in a very bigoted society.  If you are different we hate you or fear you, and that isn’t going to change before 2008.  I can’t see Mitt repudiating his religion, and he shouldn’t.  It’s his albatross though.  You’ve never heard a politician say “we have to get out the mormon vote.”

5.  Ron doesn’t do anything incredibly stupid.  His borderline stupid statements won’t kill him with the middle class.  They are discouraged, in debt, and watching wages decline versus inflation.  They see themselves being vut out of the American Dream by politicians that squander their resources at an alarming rate.  They watch as the rich get tax breaks, and the breaks they get don’t ever seem to make a differencei n their lives.  They are disenfranchised, and know that either party will promise them the moon, and give them more of the same.  This works for Ron because all he promises them is what they already feel is theirs.

6.  The war in Iraq continues.  Which it will.  Politicians make a lot of strategic mistakes.  The republicans are wrong to think its a winnable war.  The democrats are wrong to think they can benefit by allowing it to continue.  Ron Paul has the market cornered here, and if the two sides don’t change he will keep this ground to himself.  None of the other end the war candidates have any credibility left on the issue.

7.  Gas prices go up,  foreclosures continue to rise, and nothing is done about immigration.  The two parties should be ensuring that enforcement of current law is accomplished, and a compromise can be reached on the reform of immigration policy.

8. Instead of picking another libertarian style candidate, or a Republican to run as his vice president, he waits for Hillary to win and then chooses Barack.  Barack makes a nice addition to the team, and Ron doesn’t look so radical anymore.  Barack has to bend some for this to work, but I could see them securing enough of the left, a bunch of the right, and maybe 80% of the middle.

the key here is can Ron Paul compromise, or does he need to have it his way?  If he does he should head to burger king, because he will never win the election.

17 Responses to How Ron Paul can win the presidency

  1. Andrew says:

    I think if people start asking “Why do Ron Paul Supporters Love Ron Paul?” and “Why are Ron Paul Supporters so passionate?” it will energize a lot of people who normally don’t vote.

    What do you think?

  2. Hi Andrew…I think it could help quite a bit in the primary. I think in the long run though he has to compromise to broaden his base.

    I’ve said it before. I like Ron Paul. I just think he is far to radical to be elected. Several of his positions are a little scary, and the voting record is only pertinent for its lack of. I think he needs a centrist running mate.

    thanks for coming by

  3. Conundrum says:

    I suppose I’m a bit removed from the libertarian political arenas of action but until I started reading your posts, I had never heard of Ron Paul.

    I see that he represents part of the Texas coastline but you’ve made references to Indy…not even close.

    How did this, dare I say obscure, representative from Texas become a topic of such interest to you?

    Just curious.


  4. bret says:

    This is probably the first nearly totally sensible thing I’ve read by you, heh.

    Barack is a likeable guy – and a Barack / Paul alliance would be … powerful in the extreme. But he would have to drop a lot of his policy stances to get on board the Liberty Express. I don’t think he is ready to transcend party lines yet. That would, however, be something to behold.

  5. disinter says:

    No burger king need, he is already a congressman. Has been for the last 20 years. I know, you don’t care about the truth… blah blah.

    Otherwise, half way intelligent article – which is a much welcome change around here.

    The Obama VP part was interesting.

  6. badmedia says:

    Whats radical are politicians that don’t follow the constitution. He is a down to earth 100% pure American and you would have a hard time finding a more honest and principled man.

    There is nothing radical about Ron Paul. If anything, he isn’t radical enough if the other politicians have the qualities he desires.

    And for the record, if Barrack was VP, I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul. And thats hard to say because I support Ron Paul 100%. If he picked Barrack for a VP, then he isn’t the principled man I thought he was. I seriously doubt he would do it. If people want Ron Paul, they aren’t going to care who the vice president is. Hello DICK CHENEY.

  7. Rich Paul says:

    People always accuse Libertarians of throwing out the interventionist baby with the socialist bathwater … they just don’t understand.

    It’s Rosemary’s Baby.

  8. hi rich. It’s not a baby iys a small child, and it needs a spanking, but oh no gosh, thats such a horrible thing to do.

    beat the kid…don’t kill it

    thanks for coming by

  9. hi bad…fine so he loses a million votes and gains 20 million…its not a bad trade…also, following the constitution isn’t what you want. The ocnstitution doesn’t give you a right to privacy, but I bet you want it…enough with the constitutional’s a pretty document that belongs in a museum.

    thanks for coming by

  10. hello disinter…yes he is a congressman that has accomplished nothing in 20 years, voted in by a small group of people on the gulf coast of texas…not exactly middle of the road America.
    I read a lot of crap at your site to dis, but the pearls are worth the digging.
    thanks for coming by

  11. hi bret…good thing…if I please you all the time you could just go to any pauliac blog.

    i like that ticket, but you’re right, the compromises that would need to be made might kill em both

    thanks for coming by

  12. they all interest me con, but this one is different. and he is a difficult one. His voting record is hell, his public comments even worse, unless you likit yourself to what lew rockwell posts.

    thanks for coming b y…i gotta go to work

  13. Braden says:

    Even if all the factors you mentioned come into play, Ron Paul still won’t win the presidency, much less the nomination. He’s not going to be able to rally the base. I’d say Mike Huckabee has more of a chance to win this election than Ron Paul.

  14. hi Braden. You’re wrong about that. Only Giuliani and Romney have a better chance than Paul right now, and maybe Thompson if he gets in.

    but mike huckabee was pretty funny. He’ll be gone before the end of the year.

    thanks for coming by

  15. slivermoon22 says:

    In the beginning I had plenty of reservations about Paul. I don’t care for his relationship with Alex Jones so much. He says one thing to Jone’s audience, and the opposite to debate audience.
    I have looked into his history some. I find it odd that he left office in the same district where Tom Delay took over. Just upt and left. Went away for awhile then came back to win later, another seat, and an important one, when you look at the spending in his district, and the industry there.
    Just odd. I have yet to see a single testimonial from any of Pau’s patients about him. or office staff, or even his wife? Is he even married?

    Also the GOLD thing bothers me. Especially so close to 911 and the GOLD found under WTC.
    Just sync, or significant?

    After awhile, I decided to go a little more nuetral and take a broader look. I have seen how it APPEARS that he is being shut out. How do we know that isn’t really just another psyc tool. Dems and Independents love and underdog, at least for awhile. Who would he take votes from in a primary? Romney likely. Why do I suppose that? Because there is a believe in the LDS community that just about this time, someone comes in on a white horse and saves the Constitution. That would give Mormons a good reason- a mighty reason – to vote Paul in 2008, a critical election before 2012- which is the final phase of a New World. So, to frame the argument around the Constition, with right timing re what’s going in our country is very smart with religious rights. Mormons want’ Romney in and they are going to extraordinary expense and labor to get Romney in – SINCE THE 2002 Olympics when the Olympic Committee was caught taking bribes and Romney rode in on his white horse to save the day. Those bribes are interesting to me…anyway.

    I have watched him often and he seems sincere and passionate about things I care about. He is either a dream come true for these times, or the BIGGEST HOAX on makind EVER.

    Not really positive all my logic is aligned, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Paul is a plant. On the other hand, I can’t even imagine repubs voting for anyone else in their party.
    I just can’t.

  16. click that link on my next post, and virtually every question you just listed will be answered. I could send you to all my Ron posts, but you get the ssame information.

    thanks for stopping by

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