The Hiatus has ended

    Hiatus is defined as ” boozing it up, and consorting with loose women” in the criminy dictionary.  I am happy to report that MDVP over at forestopine has returned from his wining and wenching, and has produced a genuine work of art for his first post back.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy his style and wit you should really have a go of it.  You Ron Paul fans will be delighted to know that he has even showed some interest in your nitwit of choice.  I can’t always agree with the man, but I sure do like his writing.

4 Responses to The Hiatus has ended

  1. Dog,

    Thank you for the link to forestopine, preposterous name notwithstanding. His writing style and even a handful of his remarks were vaguely reminiscent of someone I couldn’t at first quite pinpoint … but it suddenly wandered into my brain faster than I could say “spoonerism.”

  2. he’s an excellent source, and an absolutely hilarious man. I put you in todays blog report

  3. Thank you, my man. It showed in my stats.

  4. hi anti….good…its a good blog…keep writing

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