sunday is for random thoughts #7

1.  how can our congress hold the Iraqi government accountable for reaching benchmarks?  What exactly have they accomplished this year?

2.  The Beckhams are here.  Soccer still sucks, and we already had enough inane women in Hollywood.  I wouldn’t call it a lose/lose, but it certainly doesn’t change the status quo.

3.  over 11,000 citations have been written in Seattle using “red light cams.”  Big brother may not be watching you, but big traffic cop is.  Can we say “cash cow” boys and girls.  BTW, these are advocated by the insurance industry.  Accidents go down, your rates keep going up.  That is some cool business they have.  The city pays for the cameras, your tickets buy all kinds of new things that the police can violate your rights with, and auto insurance companies have to pay out less claims.

4.    Religion does not grant morality.  If you don’t believe me ask your priest to get off the altar boy so you can talk to him about it.

5.   Morality is not as fun as immorality, but you get to go to a mythical place when you die.  I’m going to o’malleys.  They are going to cremate me and lacquer my ashes into the bar.

6.  pomegrante Smirnoffs are quite the tasty libation.  If you feel a little gay drinking them,  throw the empties away in the neighbors trash, and not even your garbage man will know.

7.  I have lost 14 pounds since may with my new weight loss regimen.  It’s called “work.”  Pretty catchy, hunh?  It works as well as Alli and no pants crapping.

8.    I bought the new Harry Potter book yesterday.  It’s very disappointing.  I don’t like the cover art, and it weighs less than 5 pounds.  No, I haven’t started reading it yet.

9.   I woke up to the sound of roscoe banging his head against his water bottle.  Sooner or later I can drive anything crazy.

10.  Senator Feingold has proposed censuring Bush.  Only because proposing to beat him with a bat would’ve got him arrested.

11. I think Michael Vick is a real shithead, but I don’t think that a federal government that uses dogs to sniff out landmines has a lot of room to talk.

12.  You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.  It’s just not proper, and they can’t hear you so you don’t get the joy of pissing them off. 

13.  Introspection is the root of all evil.  I’m going to contemplate that in terms of my own life for awhile, and then i’ll tell you why.

14.  Flooding in japan, texas, great britain, kansas, and all over south east asia in just the last month.  If I turn on the news I’ll bet I see Al Gore whining about the problem of Global Wetting.

15.   Ron Paul is now at 2% in the polls.  Throw in the margin of error and he is exactly where he was when his campaign started.  I’m betting his followers have a different take on this, but they have a different take on spaghettios, as well.

16.  I am pro spaghettio’s…in case you were wondering.

17.  If elections were held today it would be Hillary Vs. Rudy.  Why do I feel underwhelmed about the future?

18.  Don’t look now, but nothing has changed since last week, all the good intentions, bad events, and political posturing haven’t changed anything.  oh wait, I’m one book that I haven’t read richer.  Enjoy your week. 

9 Responses to sunday is for random thoughts #7

  1. Conundrum says:

    I enjoy your sunday random thoughts.

    In the DC area, the red light cameras have drastically reduced the fatal “t-bone” style broadside collision accidents but the rear-end collisions have gone way up since people don’t expect the car in front to suddenly stop. I think they call that 6 of one, half dozen of the other. The upside is that fatalities are way down which means the insurance companies don’t have to pay for dead people so they like that.

    Oh, go ahead and put the pomegrante smirnoff bottles in your own trash and tell the trash men you are getting in touch with your feminine side. I think they will respect you in the morning.

    I am saddened to discover that you judge the value of a book by its weight but then I haven’t read a single Harry Potter book yet and don’t plan to so what do I know?

  2. hi con…i’m against the use of security cameras in almost all instances…it’s a violation of my right to privacy in a public place dammit, and i don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to want to rob a jewelry store without invasive cameras on the premises. *s*

    I do put them in my trash. That was for those who give a damn what others think.

    random thoughts are almost always tongue in cheek. I’m not really pro spaghettio, and I happen to think the potter books are good escapism.
    good to see you,

  3. Conundrum says:

    Hey Crimmy

    After considerable deliberation, I have to disagree with you on cameras in public. I figure anything I do on a public street is probably being captured on someone’s cellphone camera or the movie camera of a Japanese tourist anyway so what a small issue to let the bad guys get caught doing the naughty.

    I guess if I were having sex with goats in the town square like you are I would have a different perspective. Maybe not if I really loved the goat.

    Let us be proud of our perversions (as long as we are not hurting children and animals) because according to my favorite quip “Everyone is normal until you get to know them”.

    Enjoy the day.

  4. […] sunday is for random thoughts #7 The city pays for the cameras, your tickets buy all kinds of new things that the police can violate your rights with, and auto insurance companies have to pay out less claims. 4. Religion does not grant morality. … […]

  5. con, when you get right down close to the bone, you’re about a meraschino cherry shy of being a fruitcake.

    this pleases me immensely

  6. Stranger says:

    I was just going to write something about Posh Beckham. She’s outrageous, which I usually hate, but her (failed) reality show makes me like her for her ridiculousness.

    I just sunk three inches further into hell by admitting this, I know.

  7. hi stranger…you write it, I’ll read it, and then i’ll decide how many inches further you’ve sunken into hell

    thanks for coming by

  8. Conundrum says:

    …’re about a meraschino cherry shy of being a fruitcake

    I just found that jar of cherries so now I am complete.

    You, too, amuse me to no end.

    Hope you too have a good weekend….oops, nevermind. Have a good monday.

    And have a nice ride in your new Corolla – it is a fine basic piece of transportation. A nice Ameican car might suit your profile better…like maybe a Saturn Aura?

    You know, GM owns Saab and Ford owns Volvo so those are also basically now actually American cars.

    I think your friend Dr. Paul and the Pauliacs might be more impressed if you didn’t buy a Japanese car. I’m just guessing with that one. I have no clue what they would advise.

    Maybe you can lease something for a year and then buy the newly imported Chinese Chery sedan for $9,000 fully loaded.

    Who am I to say. I am still driving my 61 cadillac. Yeah, I know, It uses a lot of gas but I don’t drive very far.

  9. well, had you been my reader more than two weeks you would be fully aware that toyota’s are made in kentucky and indiana as well, and i have chosen one that is made in the state where people wear shoes thank you muchly. they make the camry and a couple of others in kentucky…the corolla and the tundra here.

    a 61 cadillac? well aren’t you just the spiffy little hood rat.

    enjoy your monday

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