My NC-17 blog

  Yep… I got my rating.  here’s why it’s not going to be on the disney channel

hell X 9

gun X 7

abortion X 3

sex X 2

vagina X 1

man am I glad they don’t know about roscoe the lust bunny

if you want your blog rated just click on the nc-17 tab on the lower right

22 Responses to My NC-17 blog

  1. Conundrum says:

    If you are not going to be on the Disney Channel, I am cancelling my cable tv service.

  2. hard to blame you. *L*

    i’m just amazed by why. Of all the things i’ve said here, all of those are incredibly tame

  3. Conundrum says:

    The use of the word itself causes “demerits”? I don’t know -I’m asking.

    If sex, vagina, and their logical results of an abortion or marriage at the end of her father’s gun is so offensive, then isn’t every sex education class in junior high school equally offensive for using the same words?

    Wait, the Family Research Council got those classes abolished in favor of ignorance-based assumed abstinance. Just say no for Mrs. Reagan. Oh nevermind, she was interested in illegal drugs. I’m so easily confused.

  4. quite all right. ignorance based abstinence programs was priceless. getting teens to not have sex is like getting roscoe to not hump everything that’s the right size…impossible

  5. Conundrum says:

    Something akin to herding cats?

    Now this Roscoe that you and Max often speak of, being relatively new to your world I must ask the obvious question, is this a dingo or an armadillo?

  6. he is that charming critter in my picture. he is a rabbit, and in a sec i will post you a couple of links to old roscoe

  7. uh….read ruh roh last

  8. Conundrum says:

    My Yorkie (we’ll call her tess) had a fixation on the rabbit (we’ll call him Harvey) that lived in the apartment next door to her fairy godmother so when she goes out on the balcony, she runs in a rabid fashion to the divider to see if Harvey awaits her inquisitive attention.

    Then she (the yorkie) comes home and expects the same excitement from my neighbor’s cats.

    Sadly Harvey moved with no forwarding address.

    Tess has not recovered.

    So tell me this – based on this obsessive humping, does Roscoe have crabs? No, I don’t mean the kind that people get from the chesapeake bay.

    Or is it just simply a case of horny?

  9. it is a periodic thing…he has gone for (not in any order) my ankle, molllie’s water dish, an empty cheerios box, a roll of paper towels, and an empty two liter of mountain dew. He can only see sideways, so that explains the variety…the proclivity i think can best be phrased as “humps like a bunny”

  10. Conundrum says:

    Those glow-in-the-dark red eyes would scare the bejesus out of me if I saw them glowering at me at 3 am.

    what in the name of god possessed you to bring this creature into your home?

  11. he is a bit of a rescue project, and i would be thoroughly miserable if anything happened to him. He is a wonderfull pet 92% of the time.

  12. Conundrum says:

    I suspect you meant to say

    “approximately 92.36% of the time”.

    I could be wrong about that.

  13. i sit here humbly, chastened and corrected

  14. Conundrum says:

    God, and his hispanic son jesus, along with his agents here on earth at the RNC love humility…well that and people who write large checks…well not that the checks themselves are physically large.

    Oh, you know.

  15. they love the folks at publishers clearinghouse and the PGA?

  16. Conundrum says:

    Exactly. I love those EEEnormous checks from the publishers clearinghouse.

    You’ve just won 100 Million US dollars. you will enjoy receiving it at $3 a year for ….well forever.

  17. thats what those three dollae checks are. I thought aunt edna changed her name to PCH

    i must to bed…thanks for the laughs, and the insights..its always a pleasure

  18. Conundrum says:

    I should go to bed and sleep but I am so conflicted that my insomnia is crippling.

    there are two issues plaguing me this evening.

    As if it is not bad enough that Eva Longoria went to Paris and married a French guy, I’m perplexed.

    I see the good people at Big Oil tell me that it takes more energy to make ethanol than there is energy in the ethanol itself so it is a non-productive project.

    Then I see that the Chevron station near my house is selling E85 for $2.55 a gallon and regular petrol for $3.09 a gallon. How can that be?

    Somehow I feel sullied by shopping there and sadly I don’t know why. Of course I don’t have a festive GM FlexFuel vehicle so I wouldn’t be buying the E85 if it was 25 cents a gallon.

  19. Anita Marie says:

    This got me a NC-17
    dead (19x) death (4x) hurt (3x) gun (2x) pain (1x)

    Good thing Mother Goose doesn’t have a blog or she’d be screwed about now.


  20. hmmmmmm….crosses anita marie off my list of potential mother goose’s using a pseudonym…it must be max

  21. i have no idea who eva longoria is, but the ethanol is an easy one…government subsidies make this miracle of inept energy possible…

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