The Ron Paul ultimatum

  My favorite line is “go read what he wrote about….”  Do you really think that everyone that does not support Ron Paul is to ignorant to have taken the time to track his policy decisions, to read his speeches from the floor of the house, and to check out his campaign site?  Is everyone that doesn’t support Ron Paul to stupid to formulate an opinion based on that research?

   It just may be that we have read him.  It could be that we just don’t totally agree with him.  Is that so hard to believe?  Maybe I think abortion is a personal choice.  Maybe I believe people should have to go through rigorous checks before they are allowed to purchase an M-60 machine gun.  Maybe I think the gold standard is an idiotic and outdated method of running a monetary system, and just maybe, and I know this is a stretch,  I think state government running my life would be worse for me than the fed doing it.

   He has a lot of ideas, but doesn’t explain how he will pay for them with his new small government.   He wants to protect our coastlines and our borders, but doesn’t explain how he will do so without creating a gigantic federal bureaucracy to accomplish the task. 

He has a lot of obfuscations and dodges for why he doesn’t vote on issues that are of grave concern to the american populace.  He wraps himself in the constitution like it is the holy grail of federal politics, but then on his own campaign site he advocates gutting the 5th and the fourteenth amendments.

 I’m sorry.  I respect your opinions and your desire to follow this man who on many levels I agree with. unfortunately, I am of the opinion that he advocates a lot of things he can’t make happen.  Ron Paul is quite likely a very good person.  He is also a major league anachronism.   A man who talks about change after 20 years inside the beltway.  He is not the saviour of our country.  He is just another small piece of the problem, albeit a fairly original one.

8 Responses to The Ron Paul ultimatum

  1. Harold Snodgrass says:

    Did thou see this? What would the estimable Dr. Paul say to this?

    Earlier Sunday, Romney was in Washington courting Hispanic voters by extolling the virtues of faith, family values and immigration.

    “If you say, name people who are hardworking, seek education, love God, love their families and value freedom — it’s Hispanic-Americans, just like other Americans,” Romney told a crowd at the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s annual convention.

    “I want to make sure we continue an open door in immigration that welcomes people who come here with those kinds of values,” he said.

    During an Iowa visit last week, Romney struck a hard line on illegal immigration. He criticized Giuliani for making New York “a sanctuary city for illegal aliens” by failing to enforce the immigration laws on the books. Romney also noted that as governor, he had deputized state police to enforce immigration laws and denied driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

  2. Braden says:

    You can’t win with these people. Their paleoconservative idealistic views of government and their cult-like following of Ron Paul is just unreal. They’ve basically indicated that they’d sacrifice the morality and safety of this country for the sake of their own interpretation of the constitution. The more I read about Ron Paul, the more I realize that he is NOT a Republican, he’s a Libertarian running on a Republican ticket.

  3. stanky says:

    Hello old friend. Good read, and it helps me to understand you a little better, but for the life of me I still can’t figure out why you would take some of the positions that you do. I can see that you definitely do not adhere to the ‘original intention’ of the founders.

    I think, from what I read here in this post, that you misunderstand many of Ron Paul’s views. You’ve listed a lot here, should we go over each one? It could take awhile if we do.

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  5. actually stanky the previous post is the one that concerns me..this was just a reaction. His campaign site is a little thin on detail, and you are one of the more reasoned of his followers.
    thanks for coming by

  6. braden…some of them are very thoughtful, and considerate. Some of them fell out of the south end of a north bound horse.

  7. Is it my imagination, or are you mellowing a little with the waning days of summer? You seem far more kind and far less vitriolic toward Mr. Paul than I’ve come to expect from you. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing as far as I’m concerned, just a casual observation. If, however, you’ve in some way been tamed by a six inch gorilla, or whatever, well then I would be very disappointed indeed.

    Best of all possible regards.

  8. hi anti…in actuality, I realized that sometimes I was sounding just like the people I find so disconcerting. I have always professed a certain level of admiration for Ron Paul. I do not however agree with where he would like to take this country in its entirity, and I fear that his direction is so severe a change that there is no way I could support it

    thanks for coming by, and the 6″ gorilla is in my cabinet of shame…tricked by a mere sprout of a girl.

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