Yesterdays Ron Paul post… pro/con

  I am posting this link to yesterdays post because Stanky was kind enough to come over and add explanations of Ron Paul’s issue stance.  He has a decidedly different view than I do, and I think it adds to the informational value of the post.

I do not agree with his position on several of these, but have to admit that his opinion on them is every bit as sensible as mine, even if we have a divergence of the minds on what Ron Pauls intentions are.   I’m not going to go through and repost this, so to get his take read his comments.  They are well formulated, thoughtful, and illuminating.

Thanks again stanky 

4 Responses to Yesterdays Ron Paul post… pro/con

  1. somebody says:

    Thanks for at least having an open mind. I really think most people have an incredible knee-jerk reaction to Congressman Paul’s stances without ever critically thinking them through. I guess that’s why so many conservatives think he’s a kook. What I find hilarious is that so many conservatives continually praise Reagan and the Founders when Paul’s views resemble them the closest.

  2. open discourse and public awareness will save this nation. I am pleased to know that we live ina society where Ron Paul can run for president, and has the same rights on that stage as anyone else. Besides. I don’t fear the results of all of his beliefs. Just some of them.

  3. john says:

    tree huggers

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