Chavez, Castro, Assad, Ahmadinejad, and Jong Il.  Yeah, I know the leaders of venezuela, cuba, syria, iran, and north korea…did you watch the debate?  Hillary’s list of the five leaders went as follows “chavez, castro, the leaders of Iran, Syria, and North Korea.”  I’m not sure I have the nations in the right order, but that is essentially what she said.  ummmmm…maybe it means nothing, but then again…

Her position was right on that issue, and that idjit freshman senator from Illinois better have someone teach him something about how the international stage works, or if he is elected he will look dumber than Jimmy Carter did.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  Accepting food into our country without it being checked is as close to negligent government  as you can get.  Will it take a botulism epidemic, or even worse before we start limiting what these “free trade” pirates are allowed to do?  It’s unconscionable of our government not to protect the food supply.

Nuclear power is cheap, clean, effective, and makes a hell of a mess when it goes kablooey.

I’ll say it one more time.  Al Gore has missed the boat.  The problem is Global Wetting

If you are an American, and believe that all people be treated equally under the law, then The John Birch Society should really piss you off.  If it doesn’t you are either so far gone to the right that free thought is no longer in your vocabulary, or you know nothing about them and their history.

F@#k Ward Churchill.  He is a pathetically inept college professor who got caught cheating, and was fired.  I don’t really care what he said about 9/11.  He is your common everyday assmonkey, and I would have no problem fustigating him.

look it up.  It was yesterdays word of the day at work.

  The more hispanic immigrants I come into contact with the more I like them.  I still have a bit of a problem with our government taking the easy way out and shooting for amnesty.  Here is something I can live with.  Charge them for their crime at a felony level, and let them carry that gorilla on their back.  That’s what is done to Americans, and if they wish to be Americans then that is the correct thing to do.  Oopsie, but then they can’t vote in federal elections.  Bummer for the politicians.  Bet my idea is a non-starter.

The more I see of Ron Paul the more I like him.  He would make a great grandpa.  I still would rather eat mucous eggrolls than have him for a president.

If you can’t run with the wildebeests then stay your ass on the porch.

a daddism..I used to cry because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet.  I had shoes and feet, I wanted a bicycle.  i bought my own.  To hell with his podiatrist whimsy.

Well, it would appear that Ms. Lohan is either incredibly stupid, or has a bit of an addiction issue.  Bet she blames daddy when “i’m innocent” wears out.

All men are not created equal.   If you don’t take my word for it, ask the ladies.

Rasmusson is out, and the Tour De Farce has been quite the little nest of cheating vipers.  If you told a professional bicyclist that sucking cow urine through a pigs intestine would make them better they would be lining up to try it.

Barry Bonds either has or will break the home run record, and he used steroids or other performance  enhancing drugs to do it.  Bud Selig’s refusal to be there when it occurs though is the cowards way out.  He allowed it  to go on under his watch, and did nothing to keep this situation from happening and he should have his old rickety ass their to congratulate mister bonds for setting the record under Mr. Seligs version of baseball.  I no longer watch the sport myself…nor follow it, hence not knowing if numbnuts has broken the record or not.  Go Hank Aaron.

I think that will do.  I’m bored, and you quit halfway down.  All my readers haveADD or intellect, and there is no way any of you made it this far.  If you did I do not wish to know.

4 Responses to observations

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Run for Office.
    Any Office.


  2. vote Grape!!!!!

    you are so good for my ego, anita…the check is on the way. *s*

  3. Here’s why I think your views on the Ward Churchill fiasco are way off.

    State universities are littered with inept professors, and usually administrators couldn’t care less. CU fired Churchill not to crack down on academic sloppiness but to appease the witch-hunters at FoxNews. Too many people choose not to read between these lines, perhaps because they’re as angry as Fox about the Colorado professor’s anti-American comments.

    There is something more disturbing about this story than plagiarism or ghostwriting or even Churchill’s comparing 9/11 victims to Nazis, and that is the increasing power of the media shape, rather than REPORTING, the news. It is not the job of FoxNews to silence all voices they’ve decided don’t deserve to be heard. Our culture has shown repeatedly our ability to shrug off hateful radicals and whatever mean things they say. We don’t need Bill O’Reilly to protect us from dissenting opinions; in fact, the right of the people to speak against our government is part of the “freedom” that Americans celebrate on bumper stickers and die for in wars.

  4. hi MFV…I could agree with you if it wasn’t for the preponderance of the evidence. This isn’t one slightly “grey” error in judgement but a systemic effort on the part of Ward Churchill to in essence falsify his life. He has lied about his heritage, his military service, his scholarship, and in his body of work. He has stolen the works of others in more than one medium, and is unwilling to accept responsibility for his behaviour. I agree that the timing is suspect, and don’t feel FOX or any other news sorganization has the right to stifle anyone’s voice, but pointing out the salaciousness of his claims would certainly be within their charter.

    your larger point is valid, but I don’t think I would try to make it with this as a test case.

    thanks for your viewpoint,

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