Students for Ron Paul

 irony – an objectively or humorously sardonic utterance, disposition, quality etc.

 It’s pretty much a well done theory that Ron Paul is making massive inroads into a core group of young voters, namely college students.  From U.C. Irvine to Coastal Carolina Community College they are packing the cyberworld with their incredibly insightful attitudes toward selflessness and politics.  I find it invigorating actually to see all these young people supporting the only candidate in the field that would end all student loans, grants, and scholarships upon being elected.  You see, none of these are in the constitution, and therefore are not the federal governments issue. Believe it or not, your mom and dad probably can’t afford to pay for your education without them.  I guess it’s not really selfless for you to support a candidate that would allow your parents to raid their retirement funds to send you to college, but if you were my son or daughter and you voted for him you would rapidly be flipping burgers down at mickey D’s to fund your own damn education.


8 Responses to Students for Ron Paul

  1. somebody says:

    I honestly can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic or not, but your last point is insightful: have people take responsibility for their own lives. Besides, I’m taking out my own loans while going to college and working at the same time. And when I get a job with my degree I’ll pay it off. Many others do it. The idea that government will make it less expensive or more efficient flies in the face of all the evidence against welfare. Because of government subsidies we have morons in colleges nowadays who are getting degrees for the already-saturated market. We don’t need any more English, history, sociology, etc… majors. If we did, there would exist a demand for them and the degrees would be worth getting. Instead, we have government (the most unknowing of all entities) interfering with such a complicated system.

  2. hi someone…I was merely pointing out a fact for the young, generally self centered that I find amazing.

    your point is well made though. When the best of our institutions of learning have become nothing more than diploma mills for unneeded skills it is probably time to change the way we do business. It’s quite possible that the reason our colleges and universities are putting out a poor product is that they are no longer in step with the needs or the views of American Society.

    thanks for your post

  3. oh, and good for you…you’ll not only work harder as a result of footing the bill, but will papreciate it and yourself more in the future

  4. Braden says:

    Excellent point. I wonder if this young generation of Paulocons is really considering the implications of their support for him. Sure, you’ve got the older, well-read, Constitutional quasi-experts out there that claim that Ron Paul is fighting the good fight. But the ramifications of limiting the federal government to the extent that he does are simply mind-boggling. I mean, under a Ron Paul “Constitutional” government, what would be left of the federal system?

  5. hi braden. The young aren’t known for their intellect. You can send them to school but you can’t make them think. Ron has a lot of good ideas, but in the overall he is the worst possible man for the job.

    thanks for coming by

  6. James says:

    In point of fact, Dr. Paul seems to oppose only federal goverment student loans. He has no problems with loans sponsored by states or loans made by private individuals.

  7. hi James…and state sponsored student loans are so small as to be laughable, so in point of fact he is against “most” student loans.

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