The YouRtubes debates, revisited

    So the new hue and cry is the Republican candidates are scared to debate on YouTube.  I for one do not blame them.  I think from a strategic standpoint those candidates currently refusing to attend the debate do so with a level of acute awareness often missing in the politicians of today.

   Before the debate has even started Mitt Romney is being accused of saying that he thinks it’s undifnified to be questioned by the general public.  The fact that he said nothing close to this is irrelevant because YouTubes have a huge problem with reading comprehension, and think that cesspool the other night was a fine example of democracy at work.  What he said was he thought (I paraphrase) the office of president should be held to a higher level than to have to be asked questions by a snowman.  I concur.  Ratings are important to CNN, and since it is their editors that chose the questions we have to assume that ratings came into play when choosing the snowman question.  I’m quite sure one of the other 3000 questions could have addressed global warming just as well.  Some level of decorum should be maintained, and lets face it, the global warming snowman was as much about ratings as the psychopath with the assault rifle.

   Additionally, the benchmarks in Iraq debate will be in full roar in September, and this is almost certainly the reason those not electing to attend have chosen that course of action.  Contrary to what this mullet has to say:

Added state Republican spokeswoman Erin VanSickle: “It’s an important debate in an important battleground state that just moved its primary to Jan. 29th. In other words, we have every confidence that they will attend. They can’t afford not to.” (same link as above). 

While I’m sure Florida will be important, it always is, I don’t think being swamped with questions about their Iraq positions will be good for any of the candidates.  McCain has chosen to attend, as has Ron Paul.  McCain needs a metaphoric homerun to win, and Ron Paul is on the right side of the war issue.  Hard to blame either of them.  The rest are not desperate enough to go to Florida and be sandbagged by CNN.

   It’s not about you tube, although the wretchedly insipid crowd hanging out in the political arena there are absolutely sure there voice is the only one that matters.  What matters is that several little CNN gnomes will be picking and choosing the questions, and quite likely stuffing the clip box as they do so.  It’s not hard to imagine some little editor having a buddy send in a sleeper clip that they can smear a Republican candidate with.  How about in the interest of fairness we have a FOXNEWS/ debate? 

    I’m not raising a conspiracy theory here.  CNN has long been known for its softballing interviews with democratic leaders while hammering away at conservatives.  It’s easy to se it happen when you think both liberals and conservatives are worng, but I may be the only person left that believes that. The debate for the democrats barely touched on Iraq because quite simply thats not news at a democratic debate.  They all profess desire to be out of the war, and everyone knows they aren’t doing anything about it.  The republicans on the other hand primarily support some form of presence in Iraq, and I would surmise that based on the timing of the debate, CNN has every intention of using the benckmarks as a club to wield at the candidates.

    Smart move Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, et al.  No point putting your head in a noose today in hopes of being reincarnated in time for the elections.

6 Responses to The YouRtubes debates, revisited

  1. somebody says:

    There’s probably a valid fear of bias in the Youtube debate, but overall it just makes those who don’t participate look worse. Even many rightwingers like Ruffini and Steyn are urging them to participate.

  2. hi somebody…i strongly urge them not to attend. Further, I encourage CNN to change the debate to mid october, and allow government to deal with what is a much more important issue for people to be paying attention to than some popculture nitwitticism

    thanks for coming by

  3. You are most assuredly not, in response to the above statement anent conservatives and liberals, “the only person left who believes that,” though to judge from another of your very recent posts, you are certainly on this issue as on many others a master debator.

  4. hi anti…folls rush in where brave men fear to tread or some such. It just makes sense to me. I’m not espousing any sort of support for these candidates.

    good to see you. I tried to read your post the other night, but man the words are small and i couldn’t find my reading glasses.

    thanks for coming by

  5. Yes, I’m fuming over what I’ve come to call my font problem. It’s rooted in the wordpress theme that I’ve chosen. In any case, I appreciate your stopping by, and if I may make a suggestion, adjust the text size on your browser (click “view” click “text size” click “large”) and try reading my article that way.

    Best of all possible regards.

  6. you know, that never occured to me…thanks for the tip, and I’ll be by..I was really enjoynig the article before my eyes said “no mas”

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