Why the Republican CNN/YouTube debate was postponed

  While surfing all my favorite we love Ron Paul and never listen to reason sites I found this little tidbit of knowledge.  There was also a lot of rhetoric about the reason it is being postponed is they fear Ron Paul.  This of course is not the case.  The only possible reason for postponing this debate is this.

Thats right.  The republican strategists get their news and opinions from CriminyJicket more than from any other source.

2 Responses to Why the Republican CNN/YouTube debate was postponed

  1. Tony H. says:

    Just read that Tom Cole wants the candidates to participate as well. It seems that even Republicans are frustrated that other Republicans are so timid about the debate.

    Anyways, Garling Gauge has a cute take on it


  2. yeah, I want christians fed to lions, but based on history they aren’t likely to go for it, and based on the history of CNN If I was a republican candidate I wouldn’t do it for a million bucks and a blowjob form wolf blitzer

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