this week, the blog review, and sunday is for random thoughts #8

  Yeah were combining all these this weeek because I’m lazy, and have to go to work at 4 a. m.  Trust me when I tell you reading me then would not be half as pleasant as this will be, and I’m not counting on this being no tip toe through the tulips trip for you anyway.

   I had a bad week.  I failed to beat the crap out of my fellow commuter, and I’ve regretted it ever since.  Somehow mercy leaped to the aid of the little poindexter driving the G35, and I for one am worse for its presence.  It makes me feel llike I’m getting old.

The massive zit rising out of my forehead like a Vesuvias eruption on the other hand doesn’t make me feel young.  I haven’t had a zit in 20 years, and I of course blame the blogosphere.  This being the pimple on the ass of all things literary, I fear its attemting to subjugate my brain.  That or my horns are finally growing in, and according to the quiz over at Empress Max’s blog that may be the case.  I drew the devil card, but it’s erroneous I’m sure.  They come no more mild mannered and pacifistic than I.

      I have also found some new spice for the blogroll, and it is a devilishly funny place to visit.  I should probably warn you that some of the stuff might make you laugh.  Some of the things are not funny stuff, but the take they have on it can leave you shaking your head.  If you go there be sure to find out what a CILF is.  I found it to be a rousing good read, and I’m sure when they are playing in their own little hell we at O’malley’s pub and eatery will be worse for their absence.  Don’t go here if you are a lemming.  It’s not your thing.

Soldier of Truth manages to talk about a lot of issues that generally make you think boring, but he does it in a way that isn’t.  Some of his stuff is downright hilarious, and he pisses off ron paul fans so he’s cool with me.

   The blog is doing alright.  I”m not changing the world, but I beat CNN and the other news orgs. to the punch quite a bit.  I’m not sure if that’s really a good thing since if they think it’s worth talking about I almost asuredly do not.  I have more people reading my semi-literate efforts at cretinism than I would’ve thought would be the case 2 months ago when I started this, but when I compare readership to total number of humans on the planet it keeps my ego in check.

I refuse to post about Hillary Clinton’s cleavage as long as Nancy Pelosi’s monumental fat orbs are dangling in the halls of Congress.

For all you Dick Cheney fans, he just got a new defibrillator installed (thats sort of a high tech oil change).  If you really don’t like him go microwave him some popcorn.

Darwinism seems wrong until you go to walmart.

my neighbor has a cat that thinks my house is his home.  I think he intends to eat Roscoe.  My next post is likely to start My neighbor HAD a cat.

I have to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow.  If I say that once more I’m whining.  To put some perspective to how I feel about that, let me just point out that I would rather be ass-raped by a wandering band of hyenas.

Do you think the romans feeding christians to the lions made the lions dumber?  You are what you eat.

Bitching whining and complaining doesn’t change anything.  automatic weapons do though.

since my lobotomy doesn’t seem to be taking I’m going to end this.  You folks have good weeks, and piss someone off.  It’s good for the soul

8 Responses to this week, the blog review, and sunday is for random thoughts #8

  1. I don’t know, I think for me the high point of this post – and there are many high points to choose from – is that unforgettable image of Nancy Pelosi’s pendulous jugs swinging down the halls of congress.

    I don’t know whether to fight you or high-five you for that one.

  2. Braden says:

    Thanks for the gracious review. I believe I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. Should I put you down as Criminy Jicket?

  3. jessecuster says:

    I’d say ‘I’ll be in heaven a half-hour afore the devil knows I’m dead,’ but that’d be sorta silly, since I’m one of those damned atheists.

    But, thanks for adding Ration Reality to your blogroll! We’ll do our best to keep you entertained … or at least disgusted.

    As for Pelosi … bleh. I live in her district, and I can’t figure out for the goddamn life of me how she keeps getting reelected! I find more people that hate her than that vote for her. Only thing I can figure out is that San Francisco somehow counts for more than the rest of us.

  4. Thanks for the shout out, friend.
    However, we very much want your lemmings as well. Asshats are entertaining.

  5. hi anti…hard not to like a story about breasts…even if its those two

  6. Hi Braden..either that or lord of all he surveys works for me as well

    hey Jesse….rumour has it that in order to maintain essential services heaven will be accepting atheist in the near future…how you feel about sanitation engineering?

    the content on my blogroll is determined simply by do i think its better than the content on my blog…you floks make the grade

    Pelosi is just another lying assed politician…they learn it young which is a fairly decent case for infanticide.

    Hello Bagel…if I give you all my fuckwits, then how do I stay entertained? thanks for adding me to your blogroll

  7. Anita Marie says:

    Wow, I guess you didn’t have a good weekend- sorry about that. But if it makes you feel better I shall raise some heck for you.

    Of course, I’ll blame it on you too if I get caught.

    But I’m sort of unreliable in that respect.


  8. it wasn’t so bad, Anita. Along with not kicking his ass came not going to jail, and the work thing they paid me for. I did get a letter calling me to jury duty

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