the harry potter quiz

  I usually get all my quizzes at Max’s (points to blogroll).  Unfortunately this usually entails finding out which hot babe I am on some chick show, and it tends to make me question my masculinity. Further, she has no Harry Potter quiz(don’t say it, I know), so i had to go scrounge.  I’ve seen the movies, I’ve read the books, and while it was a horrendous risk taking this (if I found out I was that little wanker Harry I would of joined a Star Trek Association), it turned out OK.  I’m the everlovable scruffy as hell ex-con Sirius Black.  My daughter will be so pleased.  The only way this could’ve turned out better in her eyes is if i had been a dementer.

anyway, here’s a link, go be a bigger geek than I.

5 Responses to the harry potter quiz

  1. […] Siriuosly This is from Criminy’s Blog. […]

  2. Anita Marie says:

    I am Sirius Black…no KIDDING 🙂
    Hey Criminy hope you had a good weekend

  3. I’m not surprised that you are, but based on my gentle and loving nature my result surprised me a litte…

    and you as well…i need to go get my dose of did pray today I hope?

  4. Anita Marie says:

    I did.
    I mean, I’m in it so deep already what’s a few more feet here or there?

  5. your sunday prayer is a must read for me.

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