The middle east arms race is on

   The Bush Administration, in an effort to firm up the belief that we are not ending our interest in the security of the middle east is on the brink of a multibillion dollar arms sale to Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.  To Keep Israel in its box, we’re discussing the stealth technology equipped F-22 Raptor, as part of a 3 billion dollar a year package of incentives.

    Irans brinkmanship politics have created nervous neighbors, and the discussion to leave Iraq without completing the job has created some very skittish American allies.  It’s hard to see how Russia can ignore the buildup of technologically advanced weapon systems like the J-DAm and the F-22 Raptor.  They havel ong supported Iran’s radical government, and its not hard to project an increasei n the quality of weapons systems they will be intent on distributing to their long standing ally.

    This is diplomacy.  Do You like it?   For those of you who don’t support Ron Paul, this is the one area I think he has it right.  Selling advanced munitions to these countries is only going to create a much more dangerous Middle East for future leaders, and generations to deal with.

Congress is unlikely to block this deal.  What they may do is use it to put pressure on the Iraq situation, but they really don’t want that to end either.

2 Responses to The middle east arms race is on

  1. Conundrum says:

    It seems to me that ‘we’ were much better off when Saddam’s Iraq was busy threatening Ahmadinejad’s Iran and vice-versa.

    They kept each other distracted and “other-wise occupied”. Now thanks to bushie’s little skirmish in Baghdad, we have freed up the Iranians and their local nut-job mullahs to wage war against our military who are sitting ducks hanging out in Iraq waiting for the next IED to blow their legs and arms off.

    It doesn’t help any that what W has accomplished in the middle east is stirring up a hornet’s nest so that every country within a continent of Baghdad is nervous as hell.


  2. i wrote a post about just that viewpoint way back when. Why tear down a powerful secular leader in a region full of monarchies, and theologic regimes. It is impossible to understate what a tragic strategic blunder this was.

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