6 a.m. hateful

not even worth the trouble…drunken ex calls around 4 a.m.  Ignored but well timed to wake me the fuckin…guess we’ll end that thought right their….add several dozen expletives, mean ones, and you’ll know where i was going with that.

ex’s are not the devil….they are merely very stupid, uninspired, little tools of the devil.  Kind of like shrill hammers if hammers could be shrill.  They just keep beating out the same bovine bullshit.  Go have a twinkie you illiterate snot sucking…yeah…I’m not hateful.  stupid bitches are a dime a dozen, and not worth the price of admission.


11 Responses to 6 a.m. hateful

  1. Conundrum says:

    I think I would quickly be blocking her number from calling me. After a 4 am call, I know that I would.

    You are far more tolerant than I am about having my sleep interrupted for something less than the house being on fire.

  2. hi con…isn’t it a little hard to visualize me as anything but vibrantly tolerant?

    alcohol and poor sense make for a bad mix. I turned the phone off and went back to sleep

  3. max says:

    So you are saying it was a friendly divorce, right?

    Wait. Was this another kind of ex?

    Say what is this script that keeps trying to run on your blog and makes replying on your blog a living hell anyway? That thing gives me more grief.

  4. hi max…i have no idea what it is. if oyu want let me know more, and i’ll see what i can do to fix it.

    good to see you…hope the deadline is going well

  5. and thats the right ex. it was with no court involvement so friendly enough.

  6. max says:

    Oh I finished I am being totally lazy today.

  7. good for you. Always take time to smell the roses. Are you happy with the work?

  8. max says:

    Sure. It was not a writing deadine, though, it was another kind of deadline.

  9. well, long as it worked out. If its more dog t-shirts do you have them in rabbit sizes?

  10. max says:

    No it was reads for the academy. It is crunch time in the Nicholl competition and they need scripts to turn around fast.

    I do not know how big Roscoe is. There are kitty shirts :


  11. i tend to thrive on crunch time, but am always tickled for it to end so that i can return to my slothful nature.

    I’ll check them out…roscoe will be so pissed if i try to dress him. Just think, if he bites me its rabbit mcnuggets

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