6 a.m. hateful

god I fucking hate bagpipes. Also the sound of rain hitting the air conditioner.

I’m not to fucking fond of garden gnomes either so you might wish to just leave quietly.

6 Responses to 6 a.m. hateful

  1. jessecuster says:

    I play the bagpipes, jerk. Actually, I’m going to go one step further, and call you a fucking Tothian! How do you like -that-?


  2. hey jessie…that was a bit over the top..if you have a problem with my blog my legal representatives are Lickmi, Assand, Wince

    feel free to contact them for any future name calling

    thanks for stopping in

  3. jessecuster says:

    My representation (as noted) is Gowan, Foxsure, Self. Why don’t we have our people get together!


  4. fine, but we share the video rights

  5. jessecuster says:


    So, are we thinking we’ll distribute through Vivid or Evil Angel?

  6. better go with vivid. I used to work at one of their retail outlets, and they eat a lot of rigatoni

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