another conspiracy theory

   It must just be a hard habit to break.  When what Ron Paul’s campaign needs is to look reasoned and steadfast, what his followers are doing is advancing another “they are out to get us” theory.  The new foofaraw is about the diebold voting machines.  Keep in mind now that not one single ballot has been cast.  They already believe it is being done to cheat Ron Paul.

      While I’m for fair elections, I think the outrage being spun by the pauliacs is a little eccentric.  Do they really think the other candidates got together, and planned to use machines that would allow them to cheat Ron Paul?  Not Ron Paul master of the universe, but Ron Paul, the winner of no more than 2% of any mainstream poll?  Yes, I know he won the picnic in New Hampshire, and he placed second to Fred Thompson in South Carolina.  Neither of those had more than 300 voters involved, and there was no scream of fraud from the other candidates.

   I personally believe Ron will do better than his 2% average.  I think he will net in the 3.5% range.  I also think that what is bothering so many pauliacs is that his campaign isn’t growing faster.  He has decent ideas, but his grassroots movement is bereft of any organizational skills, and its showing in his lackluster numbers.  Why not quit pre-whining, and  start calling likely voters in Iowa?  That sounds like a better use of your time

10 Responses to another conspiracy theory

  1. RonPaulLover says:

    I love Ron Paul and think he should be the next messiah. I wish he would just quit running from me and marry me already. I proposed 16 times already, and he just won’t respond!

  2. Hi ron paul lover maybe you need to off his wife? I don’t think polygamy is in the constitution

    thanks for stopping by

  3. joe says:

    “Why not quit pre-whining, and start calling likely voters in Iowa? That sounds like a better use of your time”

    100% Agree.

  4. hi joe

    thanks for coming by

  5. For my money, dude, you’re the hardest working blogger out there. You blow me away with how consistently tireless you are about posting, posting, posting.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  6. ha…fooled you anti…the longest post ever on my blog took 7 minutes.

    i don’t put a lot of thought in, and the links i pretty well already know em when i start

    good to see you

  7. Good to be seen.

    Just incidentally, a hard-working, blue-collar man such as yourself might be interested in the antisocialist’s latest post, about a miner who works so long in the mines that he actually becomes a part of it.

    Then again you might not.

    Best of all possible regards.

  8. i read everything, but i was just thinking a good miner that becomes part of the miner story would be perfect. *s*

  9. mike says:

    This might sound crazy, but I feel it does touch on a legitimate concern.

    Is our election process secure? Or has it been hijacked in past elections? I wish people were looking more into this issue.. instead it is only at a time like this when it can be easily dismissed.

    Since this is such a small scale poll maybe it seems silly to bring the voting machines up.

    But there is still the problem of the voting machines usage in the general elections. Personally I dont trust anything that doesn’t come up with some kind of reciept and paper trail. And it is ridiculous that we are asked to trust these computers with handling the election fairly.

    I doubt we’ll have anything new going on in 08. I wonder if they’ll even do an exit poll this time.

  10. hi mike…concern for honest elections is a good thing, and certainly a valid concern…but suggesting that they are using diebold to get Ron Paul is more than i can handle…thats like an elephant buying a bazooka to swat a flea.

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