Ron Pauls base revisitied

    I keep reading these articles that tell me how many groups with how many members Ron Paul’s Grassroots campaign has.  They are fairly formidable when you think about it.  Trying to get from 20,000 to 30,000 people to voluntarily get together to do anything usually requires a major sporting event or an attack on a third world country.  The problem is, that no matter how you slice it, they are running out of time.

    6 months.  In 6 months who vs. who will be decided.  By the middle of February it will all be over but the crying for the rest of the candidates, and I fear, Dr. Paul.  He has a rabid online fan base, but they aren’t reaching beyonf their own inner circle.  Bottom line, if you don’t want to read about Ron you don’t have to because his base isn’t making any concerted effort to change the hearts and minds so to speak.  They talk to each other a lot, and they go slam ant-paulers, but they aren’t doing anything to reach that 98% of the voters that just are not interested in the Ron Paul movement.

   Whether this is a part of the natural individualist nature of people who would support a small government libertarian, or simply because the internet isn’t a great way to create political change isn’t apparent to me. What is apparent is that Ron is simply going to run out of time.  His ideals are to big for most people to wrap their minds around.  Small government sounds good until you see a bridge collapse in Minnesota, or until you have to decide that being a loser in a war we should win isn’t so bad.  American’s do not like to lose, and while their is a vocal minority screaming to get out of Iraq, far more people would like to see us win and get out of Iraq.

    Without a concerted effort by his base to change their approach to the issue of spreading the word about Ron Paul he has no chance.  You can spam every internet poll from now until doomsday, and he will still be a minor congressman from Texas.   Use your voice.  I’m not a supporter, but just by talking to people I see how easy it is to get them to at least contemplate the idea of small government.  To ponder the idea of an America that doesn’t spread its message through gunboat diplomacy.  Change is not unwelcome, but with the media steadfastly sticking to it’s “he’s not a legitimate candidate” rhetoric, his followers need to make the adjustment.  They aren’t, and by the time they do, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, or Rudy will be challenging Hillary for the presidency of the United States.  Wake up Pauliacs.  You are running out of time.  Quit waiting for that big win to change things, when what is needed is hard work and communication.

6 Responses to Ron Pauls base revisitied

  1. Tim says:

    You obviously have NO idea what his grassroots supporters are up to. We have taken it to the streets in a big way. You just haven’t come across it YET. We are not just busy in the echo-chamber. There are a lot of reallife projects taking place. Time IS running out though — I wonder why the primary dates keep getting moved up…

  2. hi Tim…i’m very aware of it. As are people on the internet. What isn’t happening is any true expansion of your base. Check out the university of Iowa poll. You have to change minds Tim, not affirm for each other that you are right.

    thanks for coming by

  3. louie sankey says:

    No. You’re wrong. We are getting the message out. BIG TIME. The Revolution is hitting the streets in all the major cities. People are painting their towns “Ron” with flyer’s. There is still plenty of time and once we break free from the pack the race is ours. What is happening online is only a fraction of what is really going on. If we finish second in Ames, and the media starts to cover our message, I predict 100,000 meet up members by the end of six months. This is what the American people have been waiting for. This IS a revolution. Be a part of it.

  4. hi louie….ummmmmm….no i’m not…go check out the iowa poll…he comes in behind several democrats, at least three republicans, and a guy named other…

    plus, I live in a large city. I drive all over. I’ve seen one bumper sticker…no signs…no flyers…no nothing.

    thans for stopping by

  5. bret says:

    Criminy – the thing is, you’re not seeing stuff for any other candidates, either. I’ve seen one Obama sticker in Atlanta. That counters my 3 stickers / magnet on my truck, and my wife’s bumper sticker, and our yardsign …

    but that’s it.

    The vast majority is not paying attention. THAT IS WHY the mobilization is so huge – you heard me right, HUGE – because we don’t need 50% of the population to win this thing (yet), we just need to get our small crowds mobilized, out there, showing up, spreading the message. It’ll happen, man. I know you are a sekrit supporter, just don’t be so pessimistic. Try to imagine how awesome a country in which everybody left you and your paycheck alone, and you could donate to a charity and feel good about it, or buy beer for the homeless and not have to skimp on beer for yourself…

    Then I think you will feel better about our chances. This is not really about Ron Paul, it never was – it’s about spreading the Message of liberty. It sells itself. Just gotta keep putting it out there.

  6. hi bret…the difference is he needs to be pushed by his base…the mainstream media won’t do it. I’m pretty much agnostic about all these shitheels. I like politics so I write about it. I find none of these candidates to be leadership material

    thanks for coming by

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