Why the Chinese government wants you to vote Ron Paul

August 10, 2007

    How’s that for linking two huge issues in one title?  China is in the news constantly, and though it’s primarily event driven, people can’t help but notice that they have become a world player.  Ron Paul continues to languish far behind even the mid- tier candidates in the Republican race for the White House, but has made enough waves to achieve some level of interest outside the blogbowl.

    Ron Paul has a lot of ideas that on the surface look like winners for America.   He has stood for sound fiscal policies since his arrival in Washington.  To change this into an easily understood political term, he has been obstructionist.  This has created a situation that makes his run for the White House an excercise in futility.  It is unlikely that a grassroots campaign can give him the push he needs to become one of the heavy hitters in the race, and he will get no backing on the hill.  He has no allies….change that…he has few allies, and all of them have whacko credentials a mile long.  Even if elected,  it is inconceivable that he could lead our government because there is just no way that he could achieve concensus on any of the major issues facing our country.

   The Chinese would love to see it though.  Ron Paul’s free trade stance would make the deep water ports they are building in Mexico a cash cow when our Southern border becomes as porous for Chinese goods as it is currently for illegal immigrants.  Free Trade is the new Chinese mantra.  The use of slave labor, ignoring International environmental laws, and incredibly lax quality control standards on exported goods make them the world leader in death exportation, and they are doing it with an aplomb that would make Kruschev jealous.  Unchallenged by our current leaders, their trade practices would be encouraged by a Ron Paul administration.

   Ron Paul’s foreign policy stance is another good reason for the Chinese to salivate like Pavlov’s dog everytime they hear his name.  Based on his non-interventionist beliefs, the Chinese have to see a Ron Paul presidency as the final ingredient to reacquiring Taiwan.  A man who is unwilling to use the military outside our borders, (and no matter his rhetoric, thats exactly how he feels), can hardly be expected to honor mutual defense treaties signed by prior adminiistrations.  He feels they are a mistake, and in this case he may be right.  Other than its thorn in their side implications, Taiwan has no real strategic value to the United States.

     The Chinese hold nearly a trillion dollars worth of U.S. debt.  A return to the gold standard would not only make this a much more secure investment, but going forward would allow them to hammer us into the ground economically.  Yeah,we’re back to that idiotic free trade thing again.

   Ron Paul would ignore China’s record of human rights abuses, their continual dumping of dangerous goods on U.S. markets, and their now obvious efforts at imperialsm.  China is proving by their action that they are not just a dangerous competitor, but a completely rogue nation with designs on world domination.  Ron Paul  would be the perfect president in light of this.  If he were Bill Clinton they could even donate to his campaign.

Ron Paul (dissed) by Christian Science Monitor

August 10, 2007

  No, I’m not jealous.  From time to time I may lay into Ron Paul a bit I confess.  It’s usually aimed more at the backers, and not the bright ones, which there are a host…..a plethora, a veritable cornucopia of.  This isn’t even a frontal assault, but rather a little bit of clever denigration.

    In their article Iowa GOP Straw Poll all things seem normal enough.  They talk about the absence of two of the big three, the importance to the second tier candidates mentioning several.  They say how important it is for Mitt Romney to win big, and they talk about Fred Thompson who isn’t even a candidate yet. but not Ron Paul, by name. This is all normal.

then they run down the list of those who need to do well or they will be droppping out.  Tommy Thompson, Mike Huckabee, et al.  No mention of Ron Paul. 

wait here he is…last two paragraphs of the article…AFTER the guys that are already being eulogized.

Seems a bit catty to me.

on honesty

August 10, 2007

The woody muncher that screamed at me at work the other day apologized today.  It was heartfelt, sincere and full of smiles and joviality.

I graciously accepted his apology, and told him to forget it. “You were trying to kiss one of your superiors asses, and expected me to bow down and kiss yours.  No big deal”