Ron Paul (dissed) by Christian Science Monitor

  No, I’m not jealous.  From time to time I may lay into Ron Paul a bit I confess.  It’s usually aimed more at the backers, and not the bright ones, which there are a host…..a plethora, a veritable cornucopia of.  This isn’t even a frontal assault, but rather a little bit of clever denigration.

    In their article Iowa GOP Straw Poll all things seem normal enough.  They talk about the absence of two of the big three, the importance to the second tier candidates mentioning several.  They say how important it is for Mitt Romney to win big, and they talk about Fred Thompson who isn’t even a candidate yet. but not Ron Paul, by name. This is all normal.

then they run down the list of those who need to do well or they will be droppping out.  Tommy Thompson, Mike Huckabee, et al.  No mention of Ron Paul. 

wait here he is…last two paragraphs of the article…AFTER the guys that are already being eulogized.

Seems a bit catty to me.


8 Responses to Ron Paul (dissed) by Christian Science Monitor

  1. tsoldrin says:

    I’m not sure it was really a diss… they may have just sepparated him because he doesn’t fit in with their black and white view of top tier candidates and possible dropouts. That fits more or less. Paul certainly won’t be dropping out regardless of what happens in the Iowa straw poll. He has plenty of cash (comparatively) and is still seemingly on the up swing. Realistically, Paul can only do well in Iowa. Thanks to a pile of lackluster candidates he certainly can’t come in last or near last.

    I think Mitt has the most to lose, but it’ll likely be the axe for Hunter, Tompson and Brownback. Huckabee will stick it out longer, praying for the evangelical vote which will never come his way and Tancredo will go into debt just to continue raising his imigration issues – not even thinking of an actual win.

  2. I think the Christian Science Monitor ended on an upbeat Ron Paul note. I think it makes it seem that Ron Paul can break through.

    If Ron Paul can get 8 – 10% in The Iowa Straw Poll, then thats a victory. Paul needs a solid performance in a conventional setting. Success would be minimum 8% and being in the top 5. It won’t knock Paul out of the campaign like a uninspired showing will hurt Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson. Those 2 will withdraw by the end of next week. Tom Tancredo is starting to enjoy himself and will drag his candidacy out a little further, to at least October. If McCain has an enemic showing, as is suspected, he will be in serious negative shape. If Paul beats McCain, McCain is finished. That is the real contest for me. If Ron Paul were to field better in Ames than John McCain, then that would be a major victory and upset.

    Very excited about the Iowa Straw Poll.

  3. Ray Harmon says:

    Aye, but that’s normal treatment it seems these days. Us Ron Paul supporters have to be kept down on the farm (internet).

    Paul Levinson, a professor over at Fordham University has pointed out a similar media treatment of Ron Paul by ABC News.

  4. Thomas says:

    All us Ron Paul supports ask for is a little bit of mention. He wins online polls for debates and he’s not mentioned, but after the Democratic debates they mentioned who won those online polls. It really is quite disturbing.

  5. I am appalled. Dr. Paul is the only one who can save this country. You are obviously a socialist neocon warmonger. You probably think 9/11 was the work of terrorists, don’t you?

    Did you know Dr. Paul is a gynecologist? Did you know Dr. Paul poops gold nuggets? Or that he invented the forward slash (/)? Well, chalk one up to you neocon warmonger buddies’ “smear Dr. Paul ” campaign of disinformation. He’s the only one that can win!!!

  6. hi tsoldrin…putting you under the obits is a diss…i think huckabee is more likely gone than brownback, but thats because I think brownback will do well
    hello Marc…I think if he doesn’t place third its a huge loss for him and for his organization…you have to remember there is no mcCain and no Giuliani so without at least a third hie’s pissing in the wind
    hi Ray…no, you Ron Paul supporters have chosen the farm as your citadel, and are learning that an internet poll win does not a potential solid run in the campaign a sure thing,
    Hi Thomas…anyone that has a bad reputation knows how hard it is to shake. The reputation is that because he does so well on unscientific polls and horribly on scientific polls it’s because his followers online vote early and often. It’s not mystical…causal.
    hi prac, should i stop chuckling soon i’ll respond to your calling my buddies neocon warmongers. *L*
    thanks for stopping by y’all

  7. Braden says:

    Is everyone forgetting the fact that McCain and Giuliani are still on the ballot? Of course, they won’t be there, but there’s still a chance that they could very well take away votes from all the other candidates. Romney will win this and he’ll win it big. Ron Paul may be not-too-distant 4th or 5th, but don’t look for him to place abnormally high.

    PR, Dr. Paul is a Saint even though he’s not a Catholic. Did you know that?

    Hey! I’ve got an idea. Let’s get all the evil neocons together and make Ron Paul jokes like Chuck Norris jokes! (i.e. Did you know Ron Paul’s tears can cure cancer? Too bad he’s never cried!).

  8. braden and prac…all the ron paul hysteria is starting to put chinks in your conservtive values armor. Stay away from the blogworld and you won’t even know he exists. *s*
    Don’t you love how merely questioning Ron Paul’s efficacy as a candidate brings your love for liberty into question?

    thanks for coming by

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