Helping Ron Paul in Iowa

 Here is something I like.  A Ron Paul supporter, or group of them, that realize talking to each other about the greatness of Ron Paul probably won’t get him elected.  Listed on this site are several things you can do to Help Ron Paul, and none of them involve running around ranting like a liberal at anyone that doesn’t agree with your message.  Have a look, and take a stand.  Put your money where your overactivated, undereducated mouths are pauliacs.


2 Responses to Helping Ron Paul in Iowa

  1. Anita Marie says:

    My brains imploded…if that was your intention Mr Criminy…then all I can say is Ole’

    Hey….how was the b-day?

    anita marie

  2. what did i do?

    it was good anita..everyone i wished to see or here from i did, which makes it a win. *s*

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