Sunday is for random thoughts #10

1. Someone once said that integrity is what you do when no one else is looking.  What in the hell does masturbating have to do with integrity?

2.  I am not anti-religion.  I am anti-stupid.  It is unfortunate, but not of my doing,  that the two look so much alike.

3.  If neither a borrower nor a lender be had been adhered to, we wouldn’t be facing a recession, and so many of you wouldn’t be losing your homes.  Pardon me while I chuckle.

4.  Based on news reports the thing average Americans do best is kill other average Americans.

5.  I love good poetry.  I think most poets should be beaten viciously and regularly to dissuade them from the art.

6.  Rudyard Kipling did more to bring about the end of the British Empire than anyone save Mahatma Gandhi.

7.  The far right advocates a social structure that almost exactly mirrors that envisioned by the Koran.

8.  The far left advocates a social structure that almost exactly mirrors Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

9.  The centrist advocate a social structure that …well, I don’t know.  they’re too chickenshit to forward an agenda.

10.  I advocate disorderly conduct in almost all social situations.  I’m also good with temperate use of almost all drugs and alcohol.  Reality should be rationed(smirk) and overuse should be severely punished.

11.  I used to believe that most people were just stupid, and that it was ok, as long as I didn’t have to listen to them.  All blogging has accomplished is to provide empirical evidence supporting my assertions.

12.   no chain is so easy to jerk as that of a zealot.

13.    I gave up booze, drugs, and a life of crime for my children.  You’d think they could moderate their taste in shoes.

14.  Not only is Barack black enough, he is ignorant enough, duplicitous enough, and egotistical enough to become George Bush….er…president.

15.   Without a ballot being cast the Ron Paul faithful cried foul in court.  I hope he does really well, and they feel really stupid.

12 Responses to Sunday is for random thoughts #10

  1. JanieBelle says:

    Apparetnly I have a ton of integrity. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  2. JanieBelle says:

    and I speel good too.

  3. *horrified look* you touch you?

    hi janie

  4. JanieBelle says:

    “Oh I don’t want anybody else,
    When I think about you I touch myself..” – Divinyls

  5. doesn’t everybody? *L*

  6. JanieBelle says:

    What? Touch me when they think about you?

    Certainly not. If they did, I’d have blogged about it.


  7. yes, and i’d of linked to it, and sent all three readers to have a look. *g*

  8. Kevin Houston says:

    Oh you got more than three readers Criminy, you mentioned Ron Paul. That’s good for few extra readers.

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and I would have been one of the first to cry “Vote Fraud” if Ron Paul had done really, really well. I expected a 5th or 6th place showing – if we were lucky. (I guess hard work will substitute for luck, a lot of people made a lot of phone calls, mailed letters, door knocked, etc.)

    I think it is to the credit of those who raised the issue of insecure voting on Diebold machines that they did it in a relatively innocuous setting such as the straw poll (no real power being decided, all sides nominally friendly to each other)

    Also to their credit is bringing it up prior to the election, so it can’t be spun as “sour grapes”

    If I were Romney, I would spring for the recount myself, just to put people’s minds at ease that I really won it.

    I would like to see U of IA do a hand count, as a double check on the integrity of the voting machines – even absent any malice or bad intent, technology can be flawed. Obviously something happened to one machine, which forced a manual recount, it is not unreasonable to wonder if their were other “glitches”.

    Opti-scan isn’t nearly as bad as touch-screen voting, because there is a paper ballot which can be verified if there is a question about the vote. Completely computerized systems should never be allowed, nor should systems which print a human-readable reciept since that could lead to enforcable vote-selling, or vote-extorting (show your reciept proving you voted for Sen. Graft to avoid being beat-up, fired, evicted, charged more at the store, harrassed by the police etc.)

    We must have voting systems that retain the original marked ballot. The punch card ballots have too much potential for mass ballot altering (by skewering an entire stack after the vote, but before the count) as was suggested in FL with Pat Buchannan’s county by county vote totals.

    Felt-tip markers are good because of the indelibility.

  9. hi Kevin…maybe we should have the UN monitor oour polling places…we seem to think thats ok for everyone else.

    the pat buchanan thing was voter error, and it strikes me as the height of stupidity that you can’t figure out a butterfly ballot but are allowed to vote.
    thanks for coming by

  10. Kevin Houston says:

    Whoa criminey,

    Hold on. I’m not talking about the so-called hanging chads and butterfly ballot issue, I am talking about palm beach county with a suspiciously high number of spoiled ballots.

    Ballots all spoiled in the same peculier way.

    Only the spoiler made a mistake, and skewered the hole for Pat Buchanan on some of the ballots.

    This is why a punch-card of any type can not be allowed if you want to have a completely free and fair election.

    And I agree with you that we don’t need the U.N. monitoring our polling places, and that we should not be doing the same in other countries.

    We (citizens of these United States) should do all we can to monitor our local polling places, and object when we see fraudulent practices, or practices that could have the appearance of fraud.


  11. hi kevin you have to wonder what the perpetrator was thinking…” if I skewer these ballots Pat’s asswhooping won’t be as bad?” thanks for stopping in.

  12. No, he was thinking:

    “If I push this long skewer through all these ballots for *Al Gore* I will tip the balance in florida”

    But he made a mistake and punched the Pat Buchanan hole on some of them. This turned out to be many, many more votes (on % basis) than Pat received anywhere else in FL, even in counties where he was very well known

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