Iowa Straw Poll: Winners and Losers

  Well, the numbers are in, and it was an underwhelming event for a lot of people.  I’m going to make everyone happy, and everyone mad with this one. 

winner: Mitt Romney.  He took over 31% of the vote in an 11 horse race. Obviously the front runner.

Loser:    Mitt Romney…right…Giuliani and McCain had withdrawn,  and Fred Thompson isn’t in yet.  He took 31% against a field thinner than last Years Preakness.

Winner:  Ron Paul took 9.1% of the vote.  This wasn’t a New Hampshire picnic poll.  This was the IOWA STRAW POLL. This is a campaign that is probably running somewhere between stoked And euphoric right now.  His wife is going to be ok, so Dr. Ron ad a real good day.  Congrats Pauliacs.

Loser: Ron Paul.  Holy cripes, what are you thinking.  He finished behind “I’m one nut shy of being a fruitcake Tom Tancredo,” two jokers bucking for televangelist status,  and Mormon Mitt, “friend to big business, politics as usual, but I look great in this suit” Mitt.  This isn’t half as impressive as a three legged cow that can jump rope.This was about as damning a shot across the bow of the Ron Paul no organizational skills whatever campaign juggernaut.  To many buffoons talking about stealing bus rides, and diebold voting machines, and not staying on message.

Winner:  Mike Huckabee pulled over 18 percent with a serious conservative christian platform.  He can obviously inspire the base, and he beat Brownback.  This was a two horse race for Mike, and he beat the horse he had to beat.  He’ll be around for awhile.

Loser:  Mike Huckabee.  He can convince the base, but the far right base is smaller than squirrel testicles.  This guy couldn’t beat larry Flynt in a race for the white House.

Winner: Sam Brownback  His wife loves him, jesus loves him, and he probably has a dog that loves him.

Loser: Sam brownback.  This is horror story stuff.  Turn out the lights when you follow the rest of ’em out the door.

Winner: Tom Tancredo 4th…you’re kidding right.  Great job getting out the vote Tom.

Loser:  Tom Tancredo took 13.1% of the vote.  There are a lot of whacko’s in Iowa.    The guy belongs in a straitjacket and should seriously consider some electroshock therapy.  13.1?  thats just incredible.  Are there really that many deaf, mute blind people in Iowa?  Who knew.

The Field:  By guys…go home, have sex, get fat and contemplate how it feels to be beaten in the most mediocre field of candidates the Republican Party has ever fielded.

Republican party:  Wow, did you get a poor turnout.  you wanted 38,000, claim 30,000, and had about 14,000 vote.  Niiiiiiiiice.  Would you like to concede now or should we have the Democratic candidates tie their frontal lobes behind their backs for the rest of this  trouncing?

6 Responses to Iowa Straw Poll: Winners and Losers

  1. Ray Harmon says:

    Good write up, I think you got it about right. As I Ron Paul supporter, I was somewhat amazed that Tancredo came out ahead of Paul. I don’t know how much money Tancredo spent, but I think he’s been in Iowa a while campaigning. Tancredo other candidates spent money in Iowa because it was make or break, and it looks like some of their bets paid off.

    The Ron Paul campaign spent (after all the expenses are tallied) about 200 dollars for each straw poll vote and Romney spent about $2200. I think we got more for our money. 5th place will tied us over until New Hampshire, there I expect an increase in momentum and name recognition as well as results.

  2. hi ray…i said in one of my earlier posts 8% would be a good win for Ron. He outdid that. I really think his problem is his campaign and folllowers staying on the incredibly simple message he is projecting. It was a good day for him

    thanks for coming by

  3. tsoldrin says:

    Loser: Diebold – they couldn’t even pull off a tiny 14000 vote count without a hitch.

    Loser: Iowa GOP – they told the Paul people that it would cost $180,000 to hand count the votes and there were only 14k votes, making themselves a laughing stock.

    Biggest loser: Mitt – spent 2-3 million dollars and a whole pile of time and energy to bump himself 4 measly point from where he was polling anyway.

    Huckabee and Brownback did alright, however it certainly cost them dearly and they were already both cash strapped. I doubt either one will generate the donations needed to make this a true ‘win’. Both are unelectable in the general anyway. Tancredo was a surprise and I think we’ll see a lot of heavy anti-imigration rhetoric from all corners as a result of this showing as the others try to steal some of that thunder. Paul I think did alright considering he spent the least time and money on Iowa, it will be interesting to see if the media continues to marginalize him now, since that would be glaringly obvious after this decent showing.

  4. hi tsoldrin…yes…2 machines down out of maybe 50…how many is that for the general election? We’re talking months worth of recounts.

    i concur with every point you make…

  5. Bret says:

    I am starting to think you’re one of us, you turkey… COME OUT OF THE CLOSET MAN!

    Personally, I think we are far better served being 5th than 2nd. It gives a good amount of credibility to the campaign, but also a good amount of “we need to work harder / do more” … one thing that Paul has over Brownback, Huckabee, and Tancredo is that he has outraised them combined (or at least pretty close to that). He raised $75k last Tuesday, even. Those three guys cannot, and will not be able to, do that. They will stick around through December most likely but I predict Huckabee drops out to be some jerk’s VP pick, and Tancredo goes back to Congress.

    He’s a little insane, but the immigration thing plays very, very well with “just folks” … I’ve been very surprised. In fact, probably 50% of the Paul supporters at the meetups I’ve attended here in Atlanta would list that as their #1 issue. Surprised me, being an economics/war guy.

  6. hi bret…i think Mike stays at least through South Caroina. The other two may as well leave now

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