oh man this is hilarious

  Sub-prime mortgages.  What a great idea.  HAHAHA.  There is no way this idea can tank.  No risk here.  I’m serious.  Every time I see this I start laughing.  So far, the stock market has gone nuts, foreclosures are through the moon, and the global economy is starting to feel the pinch.  How can you not laugh at mortgage brokers that sold homes to people they knew couldn’t afford them?  Or at those people that bought knowing damn well they couldn’t afford the mortgage payment?  It’s like not laughing at someone crying about credit card debt.  You spent beyond your means and you lost.  Tough shit.

George Bush doesn’t think the government should bail out the subprime market, but I don’t see how he’ll avoid it.  I agree though.  Let them swim in the cesspool they created.  Besides, it’s incredibly funny reading  Here are some links






here’s a tip….buy precious metals..this isn’t the end of the world, but I’m thinking it could get real ugly


One Response to oh man this is hilarious

  1. Anita Marie says:

    My Sister is a number cruncher by nature and she came across this true bit of info- that most people who have credit cards and only pay the min balance due will never live long enough to pay them off.

    With banks knowing that and working with it, this business with the mortgages doesn’t surprise me.

    They don’t EXCPECT people to pay them off…ever.

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