Take 2 Minutes To See How Wrong You Are

  Yes, you the incredibly bright American people are wrong.   All of you anti-war types, and bring home the war types have no idea what you are talking about.  You think the administration is stupid for walking into this mess without a plan.  I say, “yeah right”

They had a plan, because they knew exactly what we were facing, and what the outcome would be if we took down Saddam Hussein.  They knew we’d be in it up to our ears for years, and would be virtually alone in the endeavor.  they knew every pitfall and pratfall on the road to a democratic Iraq, and Dick Cheney at least has known since 1994.

So why really, if what he says here he knew all this time, did he recommend the current course of action?  What possible reason could there be for him to advocate opening the Pandora’s box that is Iraq?  Don’t say oil or money.  He needs neither, and they don’t make sense.  Thats just easy leftie answers.

11 Responses to Take 2 Minutes To See How Wrong You Are

  1. when you watch it though, doesn’t it make you a little sicxk to your stomach?

  2. ChenZhen says:

    More like a feeling of vertigo, as if I’ve entered the Twilight Zone or something. I seem to remember a slightly different tune from Cheney about the dangers of invading Iraq in 2003 (like, “what dangers”?)

  3. Anita Marie says:

    This is all about Power, it was the ultimate Power Grab and who was going to stop it from happening?


    I think that sometimes people over think these things…human nature might be complicated but it’s not profound.


  4. hi sobi chen and Anita…whatever it was, it’s easier to consider them stupid knowing that they knew.

  5. Anita Marie says:

    They knew and they didn’t care.
    That’s what scares me.

  6. if a cost/benefit analysis was done, I’m curious as to what the benefits were…they obviously knew the costs.

  7. daredevil92103 says:

    to create a fascist america, of course. cheney, north, and rumsfeld helped redesign COG when reagan was in office. now all they need is an endless war, fear, and another attack.

  8. ChenZhen says:

    It’s possible that back in ‘94 he was just saying whatever he needed to to justify Bush Sr.’s decision then, just as he said whatever he needed to to justify the invasion later.

  9. DD…well they have it…lets see what they do with it

    chenzhen…nothing like success to get the American Public sharpening their swords. Remember the hue and cry to head for baghdad?

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