money is like manure, it should be spread around, and other fun news

August 13, 2007

  Ok, how many of you have had this one happen to you.  Oh c’mon, you can admit it.  You decide to fly to africa to pick up your online love, and zowie…it all just goes horribly wrong.  I love this story.

the 25 hottest schools, including the kissing-est spot in America.  Here is a hint, it isn’t Elk Mound, but it’s close.  Kind of a fun list, but your kid probably can’t get in many of them.

I’m the only person that read this, so now I”m going to insist that you do.  It’s really kind of funny.

well, I reckon we now know who can afford to win the presidency.  I like the bit about bain holding.  Mitt Romney, venture capitalist invested in Iran.  Kind of makes you chuckle

Dreams do come true.  Mary-Louise Parker, naked as a jaybird.  Oh, and she has this huge snake.  It’s an ad for her showtime series Weeds.

Money is like manure, it should be spread around.  This isn’t fun news in that she died, but rather in that she was 105, and, did so much with her century+ on this planet.

Kill someone, get 67 days.  Any old uncorroborated story will do in tennessee.  One more good reason to never cohabitate.  Just leaving wasn’t an option of course.

Ruin someone’s life for just $20.00 a month.  If revenge is your gig, this is your story.

There is no such thing as $10,000 cowboy boots, no matter what this story says.  I hate to say it, but I hope that God forgives this commandment breaker, because anyone claiming a pair of boots is worth that deserves to be ripped off.

A tape measure is a better  barometer as to whether you’ll suffer heart disease than a scale…Interesting article here.

Rove resigns, cites family obligations

August 13, 2007

 and liberal nation rejoices.  The brains behind George Bush’s ascension in the political world is heading south.  Right before the Iraq benchmarks, which is smart.  If he stays for that he’s stuck to the end.  It’s Christmas in August for liberals, and a bad day for the administration