Chinese Toys For Christmas….Maybe Not

   Pardon me while I stick my nose in.  If you have children, avoid painted toys from China.  I work in the lead industry, and you can’t imagine how serious this is.  The miniscule amounts of lead required to send your blood levels soaring is  just not comprehensibile to someone that doesn’t deal with it on a daily basis.  I spend my day virtually hermetically sealed inside of clothing, and respirators, and latex gloves.

   The standard behaviours causing contamination with lead are ingestion (eating) and Inhalation (breathing).  This means being in close proximity to these toys is is almost a gaurantee of increased lead levels in your child.  The result can be permanent and catastrophic.  Brain damage and death are possible, and it’s just not worth the couple of bucks you save buying cheap imports.

   I didn’t use a lot of numbers here, because they don’t matter.  What matters is the safety of your children, and that you do not take this problem lightly.

Here’s the list of the latest recall.

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