How Ron Paul Votes

  I found a pretty good page while I was looking for financial disclosure information.  It’s available at the same place as his voting history.  What I like about the page is it is a major news source, so likely accurate, and it gives you a day by day accounting of Ron Paul’s, or any other congressional members, votes on whatever votes were held in the House that day.  It also has a lot of historic voting data, and is a great place for you to go learn about Ron Paul.  Due to the increased interest I have to assume some of you don’t know much about him

    I was a little surprised to see that he has missed 20% of the votes this year.  I’m going to assume that’s a result of the campaign schedule.

   The more I talk about him in everyday life, the more I hear the words “I’ve never heard of him.”  This is particularly interesting in that most of the people I talk to like what he has to say once enlightened.  I’m not so much a fan as a crap stirrer.  I like to start balls rolling and see what happens when they run into things.

2 Responses to How Ron Paul Votes

  1. bhday says:

    Nice find, CJ. That’ll be another good place to spend time.

    Ron Paul did take some heat on the issue of missing votes due to campaigning during his interview at the San Francisco Chronicle’s Editorial Board (listen to it here:

    It was interesting that they couldn’t dig up much more than that to criticize — funny how boring life is when you’ve been married to the same person for 50 years… 🙂

  2. hey barry….thanks…it’s a time wasters dream. I’ve found several little things bother me in his voting record, but for the most part hr’s not bad. I questioned his stance on the Nafta highway, and then asking for money to extend I-69, which is the route desired, and I wasn’t to fond of his voting to approve taxpayer money for offshore oil exploration. Those are the big two.

    thanks for the link

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