Ron Paul (robbed) again

Apparently the vote at the Iowa Straw poll was rigged after all.  The vote in the sunshine crowd has Ron paul winning in their exit poll .  This was very scientifically done.  What they did was wrote down the votes of people that walked up and told them who they voted for.  They also did a clicker count, which even though one of their stations was shut down for awhile came out in the range of the officially alleged vote count. 

Then this guy comes up with another scientific study called I think this happened.  He comes to a lot of inconclusive conclusions, and fails to make any sense at all when he isn’t doing that.

This is where Ron Paul’s followers hurt him.  Take a win, and turn it into a loss.  Everybody thought Ron’s turnout and finsih was  teriffic, except his followers.  They always manage to turn a win into a conspiracy.  Why would anyone cheay.  The tickets were primarily prebought by the campaigns, and nobody finds this straw poll to be conclusive proof of anything.  So why break out the “we’re pauliacs, and we know you cheated us crap?” 

   Because they can’t stop themselves.  It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.  Apparently they think tht the further off kilter they look the greater their inroads into the mainstream electorste.  I have news.  You just look stupid, and you’re hurting the only decent human in the field.  Nice job.

8 Responses to Ron Paul (robbed) again

  1. Alexia says:

    It’s just a fringe. Most of the Paul supporters (and I am one) are satisfied that 5th was about right.

    The guy who is making the biggest fuss is a Paul supporter, but he’s not being supported by the Paul supporters.

  2. This comment is further proof of an Anti-Dr. Paul conspiracy set up by the neocon warmongers who refuse to believe 9/11 was an inside job. Why won’t you admit it – you’re being paid my Mitt Romney to write this stuff becasue he is scared of Dr. Paul’s strength.

  3. hi Alexia…Ron’s fringe is like everyone elses….loud, obnoxious, and counterproductive.
    The difference is that a lot of people already think he draws the wrong crowd, and then these idjits stand up and proclaim it to the world.
    thanks for coming by

    hey prac…Mitt can’t afford me…he only has a quarter of a billion for gosh sakes.

  4. The antisocialist finds this post exhilarating.

    It is penetrating and also, by turns, hilarious. Congratulations on your paradoxical nature.

    The antisocialist bids you, as always, the very best of all possible regards, but before he goes, he’s been meaning to mention for some time now that the sexual tension between criminyjicket and bagel of everything is, not altogether suprisingly, staggering.

  5. you mean the bagel of everything that catterized my blog? That’s a pretty funny girl…i’m going to hate to have to monkey stomp her. *L*

  6. Yes, that’s the one I mean. She is rather amusing. Rather than monkey stomp her yourself, you might just let do it that six foot stuffed gorilla your daughter got you.

  7. it was a 6″ stuffed gorilla..i’ve explained this before…she’s a girl…100 dollars for six inches of stuffed gorilla made sense to her at the time

  8. Dude, you’re fucking slaying me.

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