Russia, China, and Iran to U.S. “butt out”

August 16, 2007

   The latest meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization  Ended today on the eve of joint Chinese/Russian war games in the Ural Mountains.  This years guest list included India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and other sundry nations in the area.  While the U.S. wasn’t specifically mentioned, calls to form a multipolar coalition to deal with international issues were obviously spawned by Russian and Chinese claims, not all that inaccurate, that America’s go it alone approach is doomed to failure.

   I guess what bothers me is that for political gain and energy stabilization, the Russians and Chinese are willing to do that which the Bush Administration is so often accused of.  Whoring for oil.  They are not truly seeking a new approach to cure the worlds ills, but are rather making an obvious show of force aimed directly at United States interests in the region.

  What we are doing is building the stepping stones to another cold war.   Ahmadinejad wishes to organize a summit to discuss energy issues with the SCO energy ministers.  The strategic significance of this organization is very apparent.  They intend to create an organization with enough force to counter western alliances, and OPEC nations.  Iran has what is considered a rogue government, even by its Middle East neighbors.  Shiite led, it’s Sunni led neighbors fear the coming cataclysm when we pull out of Iraq, and this organization may well be one of the reasons we haven’t done so already.

   Keep in mind that The Iranian Revolutionary Gaurd is thought to be in control of Iran’s WMD programs, and are in control of its surface to surface missile systems.  The reason I say keep it in mind is that the governments in Russia, tired of being downplayed on the world stage, and China, experiencing growing pains that won’t go away soon, are certainly doing so.  War by proxy is a long established practice of World Superpowers, and Iran is a great proxy in the Middle East.

   To counter this  The U. S. is busiliy arming its allies.  The latest deal to help keep Israel’s military on the cutting edge is for $30 billion over 10 years, and they are also pouring money into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other friendly Middle East Nations.

   While on the surface I’m inclined to think that turning this whole mess over to the SCO is a good idea, I fear it would serve to weaken America in the long run.  What is Certain is that the SCO is growing, both in size and influence, and the new world order isn’t looking like anyone expected it would.  In fact, the new world order looks a lot like the old world order.  Superpowers glaring at each other over the war torn third world nations they use and cast aside.

asswind and asswits

August 16, 2007

  I was going to do a schmooze the news post, but there is so much stupid shit I couldn’t cope.  I’m beginning to think the news is just bad fiction designed to keep us from realizing that life is spectacular.  To much happy would ruin the plans of the vast left wing and right wing conspiracies.

   Well…they fucked up, because I’m borderline ecstatic.  That magilla gorilla looking prick Hugo Chavez continues to follow exactly the plot that I said he would.  Now his plan is to do what the lefties think George Bush intends to do here.  Remove term limits and continue being in charge.  This of course is a good thing.  Socialism did more to stabilize the world as the antithesis to democracy than the current islamofascist opponent seems to do.  We should probably get with bombing the muslims into the stone age so we can face that world conquering cocksucker Hugo.  Not to get personal or anything, but what kind of parents name their fat kid Hugo?

    I assume you already heard that al qaeda is bombing the hell out of the Kurds?  This is also very good news in that the Kurds were always the punching bag for the muslims in Iraq, and a return to traumatizing them means that things are almost back to normal in Iraq.  Does anyone really think that this is the war on terror?  Not you George, go back to yanking it to the family photo album.  Does anyone else think so?  thought not.

   How about those ratbastards in China?  We now know that the Chinese government knew about the magnet issues.  I’m sceptical that they didn’t know about the lead paint as well.  Chinese exports have been feeding our kids lead for over 30 years….lead…it makes you retarded…….does a body good?  What really bugs the shit out of me is that 80% of the toys sold in America are made in China, and that means there are a lot of parents that really don’t give a shit if their children are attacked or not.   Nice job mom and dad.

  Did you see where this heinous harlot in Tennessee shot her preacher husband in the back while he was sleeping, and got 67 days?  Now I realize he was probably a rotten guy, and am even willing to grant that he did every single thing that she says he did.  Fact is, he is dead and can’t dispute it.  My question is why didn’t the stupid hag leave?  I’m totally sick of women to dumb to get out of bad relationships getting away with murder.  Her ass  should rot in jail…just like his would have if he had done the same.

   Theresa Earnhardt is now the wicked witch of NASCAR.  First she forces  the son out the business that was meant for him, and now she won’t let him have the car number he’s had since he started racing.  This has obviously become a pissin contest hillbilly style, and business is no longer a part of it.  You go Theresa…may you rest in peace.  Not dead yet?  No hurry, but when you do, …yanno

there was this huge fight out in front of the grocery store when I went and dropped the weekly C-note for sustenance.  It appeared to be between some incredibly obese illiterate gals, and some over tanned, house shoe wearing hussies.  The gangster boyfriends with their pants cinched around their thighs stayed out of it.  I’m assuming for fear their pants would fall down.   Or it may have been because the girls were tougher than they.  Either way,  I got WWE smackdown thrown in for free on my grocery tab.  what a great country.

On the lighter side, it was discovered today that the reason Barack Obama’s message has become so shizophrenic is his new handlers are Larry, Curly, and Moe.  Did this guy wake up three weeks ago and decide, man i’d rather smoke some dope than be president?  also, why suddenly are the democrats so concerned about Hillary’s bad trickle down effect?  Did they just realize that only Indiana votes for its Reps?  Her high standing in liberal enclaves has always posed a risk for the democratic candidates seeking office in more conservative states.  I think its cool…the democrats trying to sabotage one of their own.   Political cannibalism.  When this all works out we might have Mike Gravel as the last man standing.

  I already miss Karl Rove and he isn’t even gone yet.  It’s almost sad the way this wonderful administration is slinking off one by one into the sunset.  Good thing they stacked the supreme court, or we’d have nothing to remember them by.

   I wasn’t going to do this, because I really don’t care, but could you assmonkeys supporting Ron Paul can the conspiracy crap?  The only legitimate conspiracy may be that some of his followers are really Mitt Romney fans, and are trying to convince the voters that Dr. Ron is as nutty as his supporters.