The best reason I’ve seen to vote Ron Paul

   If there is one thing you should know by now, its that rats will leave a sinking ship rather than go down with it.  That’s what you are seeing in the halls of congress, as one after another the Republicans decide they don’t wish to run again.  Dennis Hastert (R-Ill) and Deborah Pryce (R-OH) are both calling it quits, and they’ve held their seats forever.  Hastert was the longest ever speaker of the house from the Republican party, and won’t even say that he’ll finish his current term.

  What this tells me boys and girls is that people who should know are not expecting good things this election cycle, and have no desire to keep playing the game if they are in the minority.  Based on these two powerful congressperson’s decisions I would have to guess that they expect to lose seats, not gain them, and don’t wish to be part of a rubberstamp congress for a democratic president.

   So why are they sure enough to be quitting already?  Because the top ranking Republican candidates are all unacceptable.  They don’t offer a different enough agenda to matter.  They are big business Republicans, and while certainly none of them are the second coming of George Bush, they are all just more of almost the same, as it were.

  So that leaves us with Ron Paul or a Democratic President.  I’m for either.  Doesn’t really matter.  I’m tired of the same old mistakes, and a new set of mistake makers would make me a very happy fellow.  Ron Paul is certainly a lot of fun to watch, and I think observing him trying to get his agenda past a predominantly  hostile congress would be more fun than watching the chickenhawk try to take out Foghorn leghorn.  As far as the democrats go, any of them will do.  Liberal presidents have always worked under the motto “hire the handicapped, they’re so much fun to watch.”

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