Yahya Admits Iranian Acts of War Against U.S.

August 18, 2007

   Well, he’s a smart little camel humper isn’t he?  Yahya Rahim Safavi,  The Leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Gaurds admitted to arming insurgents in Iraq today in a local Teheran Paper.  Since it wasn’t in the official state censored papers it was apparently propoganda aimed at the Iranian people, but was never the less an admission of guilt.  I personally have no problem with the Iranians involving themselves in the conflict, but feel they should be targeted for their involvement.

   The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is an extra-military organization outside the scope of Iran’s military.  They have their own leadership cadre and their own land, sea, and air forces.  They also have  the WMD program in Iran, and the Iranian surface to surface missile assets under their control.  Claims that they are part of the states military organization are absurd.  They are the enforcement arm of a rogue government that has been known to be a sanctioner of terrorism.

   The only thing Yahya’s (love the name) “recent successes” comment could be alluding to is their interference in the Iraq War, which is an admission of guilt.  No problem, but I bet the politicians that keep denying involvement are unhappy.

   While this is an open admission of aggresssion against the United States, it is not a declaration of war.  That would have to come from the Coward Ahmadinejad, and he’s to busy trying on womens clothes to find the time to contemplate an announcement.


August 18, 2007

  I finished reading Deathly Hallows.  I know its heretical to complain about “the great she,” but am I the only one that thinks she was looking at her watch toward the end?  She seemed to tie up a lot of loose ends in a really quick hurry.  Might of had a date.  Book was ok.  Better than the others in the overall.

I have not finished painting the baghouse.  It’s large, and I’m small.  I’ll win, but its kicking the shit out of me doing so.  I’ve been working that grinder so much this week I’m stuck on vibrate mode.  Probably a good time to get laid.

Messing with the painter(s) being all the rage at work, i have declared myself an industrial coatings specialist.  It shall take several weeks for them to learn to pronounce each of those, and that will allow me to again take the upper hand in at work word wars.  friggin changos de turdbiters.

I’m doing a tune up on the kids car tomorrow, and changing his front brakes.  Working on cars makes me cuss, so if you need some new words, drop on by…the neighbors will go shopping about 10 minutes after i start.

Roscoe the wonder bunny is shedding his long fur.  He is doing this from front to back.  For a visual perspective, imagine going on a diet and losing weight top to bottom.  In a related story, he appears to dislike being laughed at.

Ever go through one of them stretches where you couldn’t get laid if you were an egg?  You haven’t?  Yeah….well….ummmm…me either

I’m a pretty good cook.  Tonight I made lasagna, and it was really quite good.  Easy to.  Peel back plastic.  Nuke for 6 minutes.  voila. 

I was a little alarmed when I turned on The Daily Show.  I don’t watch often, because he isn’t very funny.  WOW….John Stewart looks ollllld…45 must be the new 60.

It’s a little unfortunate that so many feel the sanctity of life is more important pre-birth than post.  I found this at Sobiop’s, and found it to be incredibly scathing.  I like the way this human convey’s a thought so I stuck em on my blogroll.

This one needs some raving lunatic spray.  His posts are always lucid and well written, but his commenters are not.  Which adds a little spice.  I added him to my blogroll out of sympathy.  I think his blog only gets a few million hits a day, so I thought i’d try to help him out.

  Now this one is a new blog.  I found him when he responded to one of my 7 minute thinker posts with a 4 page dissertation on chinese trade policy complete with links.  I thought the effort showed moxie, and while it’s still quite possible that he’s a bonafide Pauliac, he appears to be a high functioning pauliac and thats good by me.  His comments were incredibly well written and if he knows half as much about anything as he does about trade policy he should be read by all…good luck Barry.

   I’ve been reading this one for awhile, and his absence from the blogroll is an oversight.  Intelligent, aware, and occassionally witty life forms are rare, and he is one.  A blogger thant makes you think.  this is original.

I owe you bigtime

August 18, 2007

scratch my back…Riiiight…no, no, up a little and to the left…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s the ticket.

I now owe you, and will grant any request you wish to ask of me*

*  Requests involving sexual activity are strictly forbidden.  Requests involving monetary transactions, physical labor, personal servitude, or the grantor making an ass of himself (more than usual) are likewise prohibited, and anything that will benefit the requestor more than the requestee are frowned upon.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed to make a request, and anyone over the age of 18 must still present a note from their mom stating that they are allowed to make a request.  Requests are responded too on a first come fitst serve basis, and only one request per decade shall be honored.