I owe you bigtime

scratch my back…Riiiight…no, no, up a little and to the left…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s the ticket.

I now owe you, and will grant any request you wish to ask of me*

*  Requests involving sexual activity are strictly forbidden.  Requests involving monetary transactions, physical labor, personal servitude, or the grantor making an ass of himself (more than usual) are likewise prohibited, and anything that will benefit the requestor more than the requestee are frowned upon.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed to make a request, and anyone over the age of 18 must still present a note from their mom stating that they are allowed to make a request.  Requests are responded too on a first come fitst serve basis, and only one request per decade shall be honored.   


13 Responses to I owe you bigtime

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Lawyer Speak?!

  2. what? I’m not sure i know what you’re getting at.

  3. Anita Marie says:

    Oh who knows…I think I’m spending too much time looking at the LOL Cats at the Cheeseburger Blog.


  4. and your telling me about bacteria? *arched brow* lolcats is a sure sign brain damage anita. Did you drop you on your head this week?

  5. Anita Marie says:

    nope that was LAST week Mr Smart Guy

  6. i mean, I knew you liked cats, but this is almost to much to bear

  7. I once saw a shirt with a grid on the back, for giving accurate backscratching directions.

    A little more at F/47 plz.

  8. Condundrum says:

    This is a great post.

    I’ve been entertaining myself trying to think of what possible requests I could recieve and approve in your position were I to have made this offer of granting any request.

    The list is extraordinarily miniscule – as you clearly intended.

    Enjoy your weekend

  9. there is a plethora of…nay…a cornucpoia of wondrous requests still feasible con…they just have to benefit me more than you. *s*

  10. I’d tell you, but then you’d tell two people, and so on, and so on, and then suddenly i have a host of people lined up around the block.

    hows bagel? got a scratcher handy?

  11. I do indeed. Check your email, punk.

  12. I’ll show you punk, harlot.

    ok, fine…i’ll check my e-mail

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