Yahya Admits Iranian Acts of War Against U.S.

   Well, he’s a smart little camel humper isn’t he?  Yahya Rahim Safavi,  The Leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Gaurds admitted to arming insurgents in Iraq today in a local Teheran Paper.  Since it wasn’t in the official state censored papers it was apparently propoganda aimed at the Iranian people, but was never the less an admission of guilt.  I personally have no problem with the Iranians involving themselves in the conflict, but feel they should be targeted for their involvement.

   The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is an extra-military organization outside the scope of Iran’s military.  They have their own leadership cadre and their own land, sea, and air forces.  They also have  the WMD program in Iran, and the Iranian surface to surface missile assets under their control.  Claims that they are part of the states military organization are absurd.  They are the enforcement arm of a rogue government that has been known to be a sanctioner of terrorism.

   The only thing Yahya’s (love the name) “recent successes” comment could be alluding to is their interference in the Iraq War, which is an admission of guilt.  No problem, but I bet the politicians that keep denying involvement are unhappy.

   While this is an open admission of aggresssion against the United States, it is not a declaration of war.  That would have to come from the Coward Ahmadinejad, and he’s to busy trying on womens clothes to find the time to contemplate an announcement.

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