“we’re out of gas”

  Thats what he said.  Actually, what he said in its entirity was “hey dad we were on the way to this party and were out of gas can you bring us some.”

So, he needs gas to convey himself to a party that he never would’ve bothered mentioning to me if he had not run out of gas.

so i took him some gas.  Him is my son, btw.  and his hippie buddy will.  Upon further conversing, I learn that this is a girls birthday party and there won’t be any drinking or dope smoking.  Of course.  There was never any drinking or dope smoking at the parties I went to at his age.  It did bother me though that he offered the information.  I noticed he didn’t say there wouldn’t be any heroin shooting, coke freebasing, or animal sacrificing.

I’m old and therefore stupid so I wasn’t surprised when he came to borrow money from me because they were going to play poker.  thats a clever euphemism for “I need to buy a dime” I think. Puff puff pass, buttmunch….er…check check fold. Whatever.

   It doesn’t bother me that they think I’m stupid, but the fact they think i was born 45 years old is a bit of a bummer.  I thought I taught them better than that.  Never underestimate anyone. 

I gave him the ten bucks on the off chance it wasn’t for dope.  Besides, he’d of fronted the shit and had Bruno the killer pot dealer chasing him if it was and i didn’t give him the loot.

Teenagers suck.

5 Responses to “we’re out of gas”

  1. fracas says:

    Well get me drunk and call me Lindsay if you haven’t proven to me that I’m *not* the only parent on earth who isn’t walking aroung touting that “teenagers are so much fun and so unique” and all that crap.

    Indeed, sometimes they suck.

    Thank you.

  2. hi fracas….no sweat…love your site.
    thanks for stopping in.

  3. SISL says:

    teenagers are SURE they invented sex too.

  4. Ah geez… I went to plenty of parties with booze, with my parents being aware of it (but not liking it) as mentioned in my bio…
    But the key was trust and they knew I would tell them everything and not drive drunk. I don’t know if that was a good thing or not but I don’t think I’m scarred. If anything, I was the most sheltered kid on the block.
    As for your son, is that really a new term for a dime?!

  5. hi SISL….no kiddin…wear a condom is my sex policy. I’m not the government so I don’t try to legislate that which can’t be legislated

    thanks for coming by

    hi Arm…I don’t think it was…he hasn’t given me a reaosn to believe he lies to me so i go ahead and assume that he doesn’t.

    thanks for coming by

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