Ford’s hydrogen fueled prototype does 207mph

   Now were talking.  I know nobody likes to hear it, but George Bush has been pushing this type of vehicle for years.  He talked about it in his state of the union addresses, and its now nearing reality.  Fords Fusion race car performed admirably on the salt flats, and according to the news report they have 30 of these prototypes being tested in the U.S., Germany, and Canada.  The 30 vehicles have 500,000 miles logged between them, and have a fuel cell that will take them 350 miles; roughly the same as your gas tank takes your current vehicle.

It has no carbon footprint.  None.  Zip. Zero.  Sometimes even a Republican can get it right.  Sometimes though you don’t realize it they are working toward what they said they were working toward.  No word yet on when it will be publically available.

Thanks for the push this technology needed George.  Now get us to hell out of Iraq.  I still don’t like you, but this was good work.

5 Responses to Ford’s hydrogen fueled prototype does 207mph

  1. Condundrum says:

    This is excellent news and you are right that W did mention it in his state of the union address…and according to my research has not said a word about it since.

    Certainly his budgets and DOE policies have no interest in anything other than supporting his big oil buddies.

  2. Hi Con….I think he gave up after congress voted not to fund the bill. He was supposed to give like 50 billion in research grants etc.

  3. buzzdroid says:

    What in the hell did George Bush have to do with this? Nothing. He’s President of the US not Ford.

    He’s congratulated because he said something in the state of the union years ago…. hmmm, let me see, what else did he say in the state of the union years ago. What was that…?? Oh yeah. Got it.

    “Weapons of mass destruction” – yeah, that was it.

  4. buzzdroid…look it up nitwit if you wish to know what else he’s done. and quit flinging spittle on my blog page…fact is he showed good leadership on this one, and like the rest of the i hate bush horde you’re too dumb to see that he’s done more to combat global warming than that retard al gore

    have a nice day asswind

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