“Only little people pay taxes,” and other news stuff

So Michael copped a plea.  This article says he’ll get 10-12 months, but I think thats less than the guys who snitched on him.  Seems to me it’s more likely to be 2 years.  All things considered he’s going to pay a stiff price for this, but I would imagine people will think not stiff enough.

  The queen of mean has passed away, at the age of 87.  Rich women seem to be dieing a lot lately.  Anyway, this is one of those articles that talks good and bad about the dead.  Enjoy, it’s entertaining reading.

I reckon he had this coming.  More text messaging is satan news.

Bear eats man.  There is justice.  Actually, this is kismet.  If you’re dumb or drunk enouhg to get naked in a bear cage with a pair of grizzlies, getting eaten is the best you can hope for.  You think he was trying to get laid? Crazy Serbians.

Hurricane Dean is making a mess, and the Cancun vacations have been spoiled.  Could be cat 5 soon.  It’s raining here too, though I doubt I’ll get any sympathy.

Man you liberals are violent.  Here we have another case of an insanely enraged liberal congressman acting out.  When will we learn that these treehuggers are dangerous people and should be behind bars?  This is just outrageous.  Kiddin…get over yourself.

todays health tip is six ways to sleep better.  Man I love to sleep.  i wish I was a bear so i could hibernate.,,,ummmm….and eat naked people.

Wow…an airliner exploded..at an airport i’ve been to…this looks pretty wild.  Maybe boeing has its ass in another crack.  I bet it will be maintenance blamed.

Elvira Arellano gets deported. I’m starting a pool.  It took her like 3 days to get back last time.  I’m going with an over/under of one week…

4 Responses to “Only little people pay taxes,” and other news stuff

  1. Condundrum says:

    This one is quite thought provoking.

    People who beat animals to death with cinderblocks should be on the receiving end of same I’m thinking.

    Leona – she was a wonderful octogenarian combination of Britany, Lindsay, and Paris. A very very rich train wreck but she knew what she ws doing every step of the way…and genuinely earned her title of hateful bitch.

    Elvira could have just taken her son with her when she was deported. This whole “separating families” thing should be quickly solved by congress by changing the law to deny citizenship to the children born in the US of A to illegal aliens. I know…this is heresy.

    I don’t know what your abortion link was supposed to be but I am so exhausted with the American fixation on the fetus. It is just tedious.

  2. Condundrum says:

    Ooh, Ooh – I almost forgot to say:

    Was Rep Filner just doing what most of us feel like doing? Flying was once so much fun and it has become such an ordeal. OK, in fairness there is the rigamarole of airport security foisted upon us by the acts of hijackers and terrorists but much of the nightmare has been created by the airlines themselves with the obscene lack of customer service and disdain for mere mortals.

    Being an airline passenger has become the ordeal one must face to get to where one is going. AND I would really hate to be the grunt airline employee at the counter facing 200 passengers who have just sat on the plane for 7 hours out on the tarmac before the flight was cancelled.

    I’m not excusing Mr Filner but I really understand how he found himself with the airport version of roadrage. On the other hand, some members of Congress think they are royalty immune to the burdens of mere humans. I’m conflicted.

  3. Hi Con…I’m not excusing him either…i only wish the employee would have kicked his ass. I’m not a real big fan of shitheads in public office thinking they have the right to push people around.

  4. con…i just deleted it, but type abortion law missoouri in your browser and i’m sure you’ll find it.

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