Ron Paul strong In Straw polls (10 listed)

  We have here a list of his finishing position in the straw polls.  He’s done extremely well and this article questions why the mainstream media isn’t picking up on the story.  Besides the fact that Ron Paul is doing well in the polls, and the mainstream media avoids talking avbout that.

   Well, I have a theory.  It’s not a real complicated one so you won’t have to put on your thinking caps and sit up straight.  what the hell, you don’t even have to put down your beer.   It’s because they are virtually meaningless.  What do we have? 

   We have seven straw polls named for states, and only Iowa had more than 500 voters.  Most were in the 200 range.  Thats a very small, generally localized sampling.

  We have two taxpayer organization polls.  These are surely going to be places Ron Paul does well, because these are organizations that back extreme changes in the tax code.  Thats like home field advantage.

  Bottom line is these polls are so small, a minute grassroots organization (a local meetup group, drug legalization organization, firearms group, militia) can easily swing the vote.  They mean nothing, because nobody was involved.  Every other shred of data shows him doing no better than 5% on a national level, and the mainstream media is reporting news, not writing feel good stories for Ron Paul backers.  Thats what the damn blogbowl is for.

   To summate…quit crowing about the minuscule.  Other than Iowa these meant nothing, and he placed 5th their, with two major contenders abstaining.  I’m not saying his message isn’t fundamentally sound on the big issues, but his small issues positions are keeping his voting base to small.

authors note: according to my reading, and i’m from Indiana, he tied for first here amongst a couple of hundred voters with around 25% of the vote.

4 Responses to Ron Paul strong In Straw polls (10 listed)

  1. Condundrum says:

    You do love tormenting the pauliacs, don’t you? I think it is a delicious sport.

    >>he placed 5th their,
    I know you are much smarter than that. Is there no spell/grammer check for posting blog things? No? Maybe that is where I can make my wished for $millions.

    Meanwhile, you are totally correct – these mini-polls are utterly meaningless. But it gives the tv politico-commentators fodder, doesn’t it?

  2. Who is the Ron Paul guy, anyway?
    *twirls hair*

  3. hi bagel..just one more do nothing politician. I’m not sure if he knows whether he’s a democrat or a republican, but 20 years on the hill and nothing to show for it makes him presidential material

  4. con…there their and they’re…my favorite fuck up.

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