New Rasmusson Poll proves me right; all candidates wildly unpopular

  I hate to say it, but I told you so.  I’ve been harping against the two party system because it is far to limiting.  I think this poll proves me right.  Well, of those listed anyway.  For whatever reason Ron Paul isn’t listed but John McCain and Sam Brownback are.  I’m sorry, but in a runoff between Ron and either of those clowns it would be a hands down victory for Ron.

   Not one single top tier candidate has higher positive numbers than negatives.  Thats right…not one.  More people would never consider voting for each than would vote for them.  This proves we don’t like them.  They suck.  Our opinion of them may be better than our opinion of the current president, but by numbers far beyonf the margin of error we do not like any of them.

    What I really like is that a greater percentage of us dislike the front runners than can be imagined.  Both Romney and Clinton are over 40% negatives.  Thats incredible.  It’s really outrageous to think that it very well could come downn to these two, and we already can’t stand them.

   We need more parties.  We need more choices, and we need mopre differences.  The deocrats aren’t crazy about their candidates, and neither are the conservatives.  Both have at least one candidate that can’t even find the beaten path (Kucinich and Paul), and of course neither is in this poll.  Time for a wholesale change in the way we do politics.


3 Responses to New Rasmusson Poll proves me right; all candidates wildly unpopular

  1. JanieBelle says:

    Hear, hear, CJ.

    We need some new choices. I’m really really bummed that the candidate that will get my vote will be the one I’m least unhappy with.

    It should never be that way, especially for the entire population at once.


  2. Anita Marie says:

    That’s why I think people need to forget about ‘the electable ones’ and darn it, support a candidate you believe in.

  3. I think a multiparty system is a lot safer and effective than a return to states right

    hi janie

    anita…i concur, but even those candidates are not inspiring large numbers of people…

    one thing is certain, the choices, and the temperament continue to worsen in politics.

    thank you both for coming by. friendly faces were rare on these posts., *L*

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