Ron Paul and the NAFTA super highway (revisited)

  In a Radio interview in Ottawa, Ron Paul again expressed grave reservations about plans to create a NAFTA Superhighway.  The administrations of the nations involved deny that it is being planned, but their is more than a little evidence to the contrary.  Ok, maybe not evidence, but certainly some strange coincidences.

   One of the main purposes of the Security and Prosperity Partnership was to make legal travel between the nations involved easier.  Already we have the  Bush Administration and the transportation department pushing to allow  Mexian Trucks and drivers on American highways.  This is currently in a testing stage to see if it will impact safety on American highways.  Currently Mexican trucks are limited to an economic zone along the border.

   China isn’t funding the creation of deep water ports in Mexico to ensure trade opportunities in Mexico.  Their target is the entire western hemisphere.  Railheads are being established to transport goods into middle america, and open roads for truckers will also facilitate Chinese aims of global trade domination.

Add to this the current insanity in Indiana.  Mitch Daniels, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Bush administration, and current Governor of Indiana is pushing incredibly hard to extend I-69 through to the south end of the state.  It currently runs from the Michigan border to Indianapolis.  I-69 is the propsed route for the NAFTA Superhighway.  It will cost billions to build this to the southwest border of Indiana, but Mitch is absolutely certain we will reap massive benefits as a result.   I know it may seem a stretch, but it would appear to me he has a little insider information from his days hobnobbing with Bush the younger.

  As far as Ron Paul, he also has requested federal funding for I-69 in his district.  I don’t know if this is a case of him just doing his job for his district, or if its him figuring if there is going to be a NAFTA Highway he might as well get his folks in on the ground floor.

   Anyway, its an interesting article, and well worth checking out.

4 Responses to Ron Paul and the NAFTA super highway (revisited)

  1. Trivium says:

    Hey CJ,

    The big red flag that goes up for me in this situation is the fact that the NAFTA office will not give out the names of it’s members. And the reasoning behind this cover up is that they dont want there members to be “distracted by calls from the public.” The same public they work for doesn’t have the right to know? I have a serious problem that there is an accepted mindset to keep the public in the dark about the issues federal government deems unfit to inform. I have the same problem with the fact that it’s not public knowledge as to what private banks own the Federal Reserve Banks.

    For my own well being I would like to think that our officials are all good people working towards fixing the issues we face in this country, but in good faith I just simply can not do that in the midst of a political climate that seems filled with greedy, dishonest politicians who are only working for one agenda. The elite prosper as the middle/lower class struggle.

    We, as the citizens of the United States have the right to know the ins and outs of everything our government does (barring issues of intel that affect national security) and not just be talked down to like children who can’t handle the truth.

    While I dont believe that the “super highway” plans are being conducted at the federal level; I believe that the many earmarks prove that something fishy is happening at the state level. I don’t think Ron Paul is being hypocritical in some of his other earmarking (merely working with the system in place and not cheating his constituents) but this to me seems blatantly hypocritical. Unless of course there is serious need for infrastructure repair of I-69 in his district but without hard financial data I have to assume otherwise.

    Globalization is a horrible policy and would only widen the margin between the have and the have nots. I can only hope that if this is the early stages of that agenda that it is discovered and sqaushed immediately.

    Peace and thanks for reading

  2. geezerdom says:

    What is this Nafta stuff they want to ship all over the place using their own superhighway? Some kind of drugs? Is the Nafta to heavy to ship by UPS or DHL?

    Wouldn’t the railroad work to keep all those trucks off the roads?

  3. Great post, Hoosier. Your content is extraordinarily interesting – we speak without hyperbole – and your writing style is pristine.

    Just incidentally, do you as a native of the great state of Indiana happen to know the origins of the word “Hoosier”? As nearly as we can tell, it’s completely arcane and not at all settled upon. But perhaps the natives know something the rest of us don’t. If you like basketball, as you almost certainly do, you might like “Ex High School Basketball Star.”

    Thanks again for keeping it real.

  4. Paul Battis says:

    Some of the items that shall be shipped on the up and coming new NAFTA super-duper highway are the following: Plastic flowers, empty CD and VHS containers, plastic lawn chairs not suited for anyone over 140lbs., frozen broccoli, canned trout raised on trout farms, dead batteries that say Duracell on them but arn’t actually Duracells, toilet bowl covers that match the small rug thing that goes next to the toilet and ends up getting pee’d on, fake Colgate toothpaste, a Christmas themed plastic dog house that plays Jingle bells via dogs barking from a compressed MP3 chip every 15 minutes, Christmas lights made to string around the tree but don’t actually light up, matching gloves, hat and scarf made out of some sort of shammy type of cloth that seems like a really good deal, only $2.99 but then after wearing items for 15 minutes, you’ll begin to develop a skin rash, knock-off Crock sandles, small car vacumes that over-heat and wear out after 10 minutes of usage, set of 50 various size hair combs, outdated 35mm film and refurbished DVD players that were never actually refurbished.

    That’s just a basic sample of why we desperately need this new super highway.

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