Do not Tap your foot in the restroom at the airport.

  This is hilarious.  Senator larry craig is apparently light in the loafers.  He was tapping his foot, and got arrested for lewd behaviour.  Apparently tapping your foot in a mens restroom means you want a little man love.  I suppose it could also mean you have a song going through your head.  Another pervie senator…who knew.

4 Responses to Do not Tap your foot in the restroom at the airport.

  1. conundrum says:

    I don’t care if someone is gay or straight – sex in a public restroom is so creepy/disgusting.

    Nevermind that the place is crawling with germs and crud but who wants kids and other strangers walking in when they are just on the verge of the big O.

    In my town. I’ve heard that there is a ‘thing’ about identifying restaurant restrooms where couples (straight mostly it seems) can go and close floor-to-ceiling doors for a quickie between the entree and dessert.

    So crude.

    The political “outing-the-bigot’ component does make Mr. Craig’s situation a bit more interesting. Voting against gay-rights bills while seeking restroom bj’s from another man is a new level of hypocrisy.

  2. you know, Con, I had the same thought about the public restroom thing. The parks, and highway rest areas are the big ones on the news around here. I wonder how it feels to deny who you are for a lifetime?

  3. conundrum says:

    ….I wonder how it feels to deny who you are for a lifetime?

    Well, that hits on a topic that elicits genuine sorrow and empathy for closeted gays.

    All these nutso bible-thumpers and other assorted bigots can find something in the bible to damn anyone.

    The bigotry of society about the gender of someone’s lover or partner boggles the mind. I could care less what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom…oh hell, I don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own kitchen.

    Speaking of finding something in the bible – my dearly beloved mother recently made disparaging remarks about someone drinking wine and how that shows they can’t possibly be a good Christian. She was totally speechless when I pointed out that not only did Jesus drink wine at the last supper, he made wine from jugs of water along with multiplying the bread and fishes for the multitude.

  4. hi con…I don’t think we can blame it all on society. I tell my kids if you do something be ready to deal with the consequences. Now I’ll grant that there should be no consequences for choosing a gay lifestyle, but trying to tie ones shoe for them in the restroom ought to cost something. I can just imagine if i saw a hand creeping under my stall.

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