Followers of Ron Paul unite, at Braden’s

     The following of Ron Paul has always been part of the issue with me.  I try not to associate with nutjobs, whacko’s and knaves.  Lately it seems I’ve been running in to a high number of not only literate, but intelligent, and welll intentioned people who support him.  This is good, and I’ve tempered my attacks on the pauliacs.  Then I went by Braden’s to stomp him inot the verbal mud for alleging I’m a neo-con.  Talk about fighting words.  While I was there I read the always insightful work he had posted, and then the comments that followed it.  I am now fully aware of what exit all the nutjobs took.  That brodie fellow can make you positively vibrate with his banal take on …well, appparently whatever he’s talking about.

   I also got several hits from  You should check out the site.  It was…..ummmmm…..reason to shower.  Hard to make a president without some whacko’s showing up, but the herd has turned out in full force on this campaign.  Good luck Dr. Paul, and keep that firearm handy…you’re in strange company now.

7 Responses to Followers of Ron Paul unite, at Braden’s

  1. Braden says:

    You know I was just teasing about the neocon thing. Heck, I’m not even a neocon, haha. But yes, Brodie doesn’t know what he’s talking about in the least. He’s making the Paulocons look like fools.

  2. conundrum says:

    Knaves is not a word one often finds in ordinary conversation.

    Kudos to our friend Crimmy for extensive vocabulary and the skill to use it.

  3. hi Braden…he isn’t the only one. There are some bright folks out there supporting him, but you have to dig through a lot of people that haven’t even begun to think it through.

    hi con…and in our society you would think it would be used constantly…

    thanks for coming by

  4. conundrum says:

    Hey Crimmy

    You amaze me. You have time to not only paint baghouses (whatever the hell they are) and schedule your remedial forklift driver training, commute to work and back again, do the parenting thing with your kids, bail them out as necessary, take care of roscoe and whatever other sundry animal-husbandry duties impinge on your life, do the research for your posts but reason it out & formulate the narative and post it. AND as if that isn’t enough, you read the comments and demonstrate the courtesy of replying.

    Is there some kind of time warp there in Indy-do-waddy that gives you like 40 hours a day?

  5. Kudos to our friend “Crimmy” for his logomania, his arcanum, his sesquipedalianism.

    But kudos most of all for his predilection to keep it (relatively) real.

    DaveZ recently visited your blog, via the antisocialist, he said. Evidently, you blew him away (so to speak) with all your talk of “boners, babes, and bitches” (his words).

    It must have been the specific article the antisocialist linked him up to. Or perhaps not.

    Best of all possible regards.

  6. hi anti…oh cool…he caught my semi-annual intellectual post

  7. hi con….i skimp on research. *g* Other than that it’s a normal 17 hour day…well…normal is a stretch, but it’s a day

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