Ron Paul and the free market flip flop

August 26, 2007

   I hate to say it but sometimes this guy leaves me drooling.  I know that he means well, and I’m aware that a devoted following has put a lot of pressure on him to be the new Messiah, but you really can’t have it both ways.  In this speech, diatribe, mixed up message, he seems to be firmly against the NAFTA superhighway.  I’m ok with that.  I don’t like it either.  However, it flies in the face of his free market theories.  The Trans Texas Corridor is an inovative way of improving infrastructure in the state of Texas.  It involves private funding to build and maintain a toll road across Texas. While Ron says that it is not clear maintaining it will be the responsibility of the corporations involved, news reports say differently.  For information on the Trans Texas Corridor merely type that in your browser window.

     There are plenty of reasons to build this highway, and plenty of reasons not to.  The one salient factor that seems to be overlooked is that the STATE government elected by the people is entering into a deal that it feels is best for the state of texas.  You can muddy up the waters with talk of eminant domain, and toll splits and all the other little things that play a part, but the people elected these officials, and continue to elect them.  This is what you get from strong state government with limited federal oversight, which is also one of Ron Pauls big ideas.

   The free market is working in Texas.  Private industry combining with governments to fund a massive project that in the overall will improve things in that state. Ron Paul should be standing and cheering that two of his major premises are being practiced in his home state.

   I suppose the fact that its not running up through I-69, and therefore through his district, has nothing to do with his change of heart?  I mean, a Ron Paul as conspiratorial politico just couldn’t be possible.  This is what is known as flipflopping in a big way.  I’m for free markets, and strong state governments, except when they don’t do what I want them to.

Green Green and More Green…news

August 26, 2007

     How can you not like this?  A lawn on the roof.  Whose for strip croquet at 3 a.m.?  Not only does it look good, its a great place to keep your recuperating sheep.  Yes,  I was at Yahoo green and no i am not a tree hugger, thanks for asking.

  Global warming, world hunger, politics, and the muslim scourge aren’t news.  Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers hurting his foot is news.  Thats called “prioritizing” Packers fan style.

  In keeping with my green theme, here’s a link to Green Party of the United States headquarters.  I have to say it read kind of like a Ron Paul blog home page.

It’s the giving of the green that makes a campaign run. Ron Paul has been pretty popular on google, but not so with google contributors.  He raised $3350 in a capaign stop at Google Headquarters, 1/10th what Hillary received, and  1/20th what was dished to Barack Obama. 

 This is what I call the essence of chutzpah.  Haggard’s grasping for green from his following is sort of funny when you consider that he’s recieved nearly 400k in pay and remittances from the new life church, and has book royalties, and a house on the market valued at 715k.

  How about a little green around the gills for AT&T?  Hacking the Iphone is all the rage, and they got nailed three times in am atter of hours.  Can’t wait to see how this shakes out legally

Ron Paul; by the numbers

August 25, 2007

   I have come to the conclusion that people really don’t wish to support a candidate without understanding what effect the candidates platform will have on them economically.  That being the case, I thought I’d share with you The fiscal impact Ron Paul’s vision will have on you.  First, I’ll give it to you scientifically.

1.   uh, I dunno.

That takes care of the scientifically derived at numbers for Ron Paul’s issues.  Now we shall move on to the rhetorical.

1.  uh, I dunno.

   You see, Ron Paul isn’t giving us any numbers.  There is nothing substantive in what he says.  He will save us money by ending the war, but then he will spend it defending our borders.  There is no economic model designed to tell us what his constitutional form of government will cost/benefit us, but rather merely the assurances of the good Dr. and his merry men.  I suppose a Robin Hood analogy is inappropriate, because from what I can tell the one thing that is certain is that the poor will be screwed severely by a Ron Paul presidency.  That hardly matters of course, because poor people vote democrat, don’t they?  Hardly, but they aren’t going to be voting for Ron Paul.  They know he hates them, as do any liberals that have paid attention over the last two decades of Ron Paul in office.

    The crossover vote isn’t going to happen.  The vast left wing media armada will put the boots to Ron the minute he appears to be a viable candidate.  The left wing blog world already has, and if you read the daily kos you know what I mean.  Basically, Ron Paul’s only supporters are those who dream of a mythological kingdom where honesty and fairplay conquers reality, and a small time doctor can live his dream of  colonial domination.

   Show me some numbers.  Anybody.  Give me something tangible that would make me think Ron Paul would make my life better.  Don’t offer me his dream of freedom, because freedom in todays society is something you have to take.  Don’t give me more rhetoric about the free market making everything right.  The free market has long been fraught with fraud and corruption, and in no way benefits the vast majority of American people.

   It’s smoke and mirrors gang, until he proves otherwise, and thats why the mainstream media doesn’t cover his campaign.  There is virtually nothing to cover.

The good news for Ron Paul

August 25, 2007

  I decided to do a little research this week, and I have to tell you it cost me dearly.  While I’m not yet willing to gouge my eyes out with rusty spoons, I can think of nothing more mind numbingly boring than checking out Ron Paul meet up group numbers, etc. etc.

   You see, for me it doesn’t matter how wonderful a person you are, nor how right your ideas may be.  What’s important is can you become president, because if you can’t you are an irrelevent side issue to the campaign.  What I’m finding is a lot of very old in blog years news about Ron Paul and his supporters.  I know, you figure its August, and nothing really happens in August.  Fine.  If you’re Hillary Clinton, or Fred Thompson, or some other well known politico.  If you are still struggling with name recognition(and you are, pauliacs), August is your month.  Nobody else is doing anything.  Even the Iraqi parliament is on vacation, so its a grand chance for you to make a move.  Guess what?  You wasted it.  Your poll numbers haven’t changed a bit.  The best number in August is the Fox News Poll which put your total within the margin of error.  That’s right.  It’s quite possible that your 3% is the best national poll number you’ve ever received, and it’s still miniscule.  Hard to imagine a birthday bar-b-q is going to change that.  I think Ron Paul takes his campaign as seriously as the mainstream media.

I did however find good news.    I’ll lisyt the candidates and their vote totals, and then I’ll tell you what it is.

Ron Paul:  48,300,000

John Edwards:  41,800,000

Hillary Clinton: 9,160,000

Fred Thompson: 6,310,000

Rudy Giuliani:  2,880,000

Barack Obama: 2,770,000

   Thats the number of results you get when you type their names, capitalized, in your google search engine.  This means that Ron Paul and John Edwards are way out in front when it comes to….well…having their names typed in a google search engine box.

Better than nothing.  But they still come in behind porn,  viagra, recipes, George Bush, HIV, and cartoons.  It would be nice if your a Ron Paul fan to see something significant in the numbers, and I don’t mean we now have eighty eleven meetup groups with a total of 46, 000 members.  His campaign is growing excruciatingly slowly when you consider you only have 5 months till the nominees are picked, and then it will be all over but the cries of “we was robbed.” 

Ann Coulter gets whiplash

August 25, 2007

  I was impressed, nay intrigued that the jaw clencher was calling out the Bushies, and then half way down the article her meds kick in and its all about the liberals again.  I’m not sure if she’s suffering from schizophrenia, or if she’s really Bill Maher in drag.  He should invite her on.  It’s hard to get that much closeminded hatred in one room.  Che Guevera and Adolph Hitler are both dead.

News that fails to amuse

August 25, 2007

  Hard not to start with this.  Actually, some coming later seem worse, but I can’t stomach them right now.  17 pounds of weapons grade uranium s missing in China.  apparently, it was passed around by different folks so much it got lost in the shuffle.

after admitting to killing dogs that lost fights or were unworthy, Mr. Vick apologized for poor judgement.  what the hell.

I’m not even sure what to say about this….people suck doesn’t quite cover it.  How does one ignore cries for help from someone being sexually assaulted?  I’m apparently not evolved enough to understand this one.

yaye…i’m happy for em…can we really not talk about wrinkly old people screwing? and the oral sex thing…welll, boys and girls, thats just about the grossest imagery since  pinhead.

another food recall.  Whats with getting crap on food, and then selling it to people?

more search engine terms.

August 24, 2007

  Haven’t done these in awhile.  Not for any reason, but I figure you deserve to know how people get here.  You read this schlock, now its time to find out which paths brought you to Criminies house of inane.

1.  what is a spooge monkey  –  Believe me when i tell you had I seen this one before I started the whole post would’ve been about it.

2.  Max Adams  –  proving that Max is more famous than I.  I get a Max Adams hit every day or so.  I think they’re looking for her ghost story, which I just linked you with part 2 of.  Yes, I could have linked you to part 1, but I’m not in the mood to make anything easy for anyone right now.

3.  He can convince anyone of anything  –  which links you directly to me…how cool is that?

4.  how to masturbate without touching  –  I’m virtually certain that though I am the worlds foremost authority on touchless masturbation  I have never written about it here. 

5.  abstinence diagram  –  I didn’t even know there was such a thing…a diagram for how not to do it…handy that.

6.  pendulous jugs   –   Bet they were upset when they got here instead of   I should do more nancy pelosi’s one quality feature posts i reckon.

7.   thongs of interest  –  I do one story about octogenarians wearing thongs and I’ll never live it down.

8.  how to pee  –  this goes in “I’d never think someone would need a search engine for this.”

9.  is obama part of skull and bones  –  He went to college? get outta town.

10.  hookers sucking dick  –  Swear to god, all you have to do is mention hookersi n one post and dick cheney in another, and voila…you get this stuff.

11.  because I said so lingerie  –  obviously looking for my retail site…you never looked so good as you would wearing your with footies criminy jicket teddy.

12.  rabbit lust  –  i get a lot of these…i know not why, but Roscoe is pushing for royalties.

13.  nuclear device advice  –  someone is obviously trying to get the feds to notice me…fuckers.

i left out most of the lust stuff…this isn’t a porn blog, and i left out most of the political ones, just cuz.

another write up; license revoked

August 24, 2007

     The week was about par for the course.  Massive progress on the baghouse, dastardly bout with dehydration, and written up today for speeding on a forklift.  I think I was doing like 8 in a 5.  Sometimes I forget I’m union labor, and put the job ahead of the pissant rules.  Well, today the safety manager saw me, and had a genuine conniption fit.

   Let me step back a minute.  Earlier this week I read that they found that the same virus that causes the common cold causes obesity.  Something about human stem cells turning to fat cells when contacted by the cold virus.  I mentioned this at work and so its become all the rage to ask people that are rotund if they aren’t feeling well.  This likely as not has something to do with my speeding ticket, as the midget that busted me is quite round.

   So anyway,  I’m sweating like a pig, and as I said flying down the main driveway at work.  I’d say my hair was blowing in the breeze, but I was doing 8.  It’s like 99 degrees, and this micro peckerhead comes out of his air conditioned office for the first time in at least two weeks and screams in his best falsetto for me to stop.  I hear what sounds like a bird being attacked with a weedwhacker, and fearing I have managed to run over something while doing 8 I stopped.  This allowed tiny mighty mo to take the 475 steps required to traverse the 20 or so feet between he and I.

    I get down off the lift, and remove my mask and hearing protection so that I can hear the banal crap spewing from his fat wobbling face.  He’s literally yelling incomprehensibly at me.  I hold up my hand in the international gesture to shut the fuck up, and for whatever reason he did so.  I then inquired as to whether he would like me to get him a step stool so he could scream at me face to face.  I’m not sure why but this appeared to push the pudgy little fellow from irate to livid, and with a loathsome squeal that I should not move he turned and sprinted as fast as his 18″ long legs would carry him back to his office where apparently he called my supervisor.

   My supervisor is not a bad guy, but I fear he is tiring of my unique ability to piss off anyone within a 50 foot radius.  He strides up with that long suffering look on his face and informs me that I shall now shut the hell up and accompany him to the little turds office.  I’m good with that.  I do that even. 

   The first words out of my bosses mouth when we walk in the office are “damn phil, are you not feeling well?”  I manage not to laugh, but the grin was unstoppable.  Apparently phil knew what that was all about, and asked me to “wait outside.”  Again, being the always eager to obey sort I did as I was asked.  I went outside, hopped on the lift, and continued doing what I was doing.  Apparently the weeble meant wait right outside his office, and this was made clear to me 1.5 hours later when I came down for break.  He never did give me a straight answer as to why he didn’t come get me.  Either his legs were to short for the stairs, or he knew I would throw him off.

   Anyway, to make a long story short I am no longer allowed to drive forklifts until I have undergone some “intensive retraining.”  This will occur when hell freezes over of course , because there is no way in hell that little cocksucker is getting me into a forklift driving class for doing 8 in a 5.

online brain games

August 23, 2007

like computer games?  Like screwing off at work?  Do you enjoy using your head for something besides a good place to put an ugly hat?  Well, here are 10 games you might enjoy.  Yes, I’m linking to it, but I have played several of them, and as a way to pass the time its a quantum leap better than reading the scatology I post here.  Go give a few a try, and if masochism is your sport of choice come let me know how you did.

Ron Paul and the NAFTA super highway (revisited)

August 23, 2007

  In a Radio interview in Ottawa, Ron Paul again expressed grave reservations about plans to create a NAFTA Superhighway.  The administrations of the nations involved deny that it is being planned, but their is more than a little evidence to the contrary.  Ok, maybe not evidence, but certainly some strange coincidences.

   One of the main purposes of the Security and Prosperity Partnership was to make legal travel between the nations involved easier.  Already we have the  Bush Administration and the transportation department pushing to allow  Mexian Trucks and drivers on American highways.  This is currently in a testing stage to see if it will impact safety on American highways.  Currently Mexican trucks are limited to an economic zone along the border.

   China isn’t funding the creation of deep water ports in Mexico to ensure trade opportunities in Mexico.  Their target is the entire western hemisphere.  Railheads are being established to transport goods into middle america, and open roads for truckers will also facilitate Chinese aims of global trade domination.

Add to this the current insanity in Indiana.  Mitch Daniels, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Bush administration, and current Governor of Indiana is pushing incredibly hard to extend I-69 through to the south end of the state.  It currently runs from the Michigan border to Indianapolis.  I-69 is the propsed route for the NAFTA Superhighway.  It will cost billions to build this to the southwest border of Indiana, but Mitch is absolutely certain we will reap massive benefits as a result.   I know it may seem a stretch, but it would appear to me he has a little insider information from his days hobnobbing with Bush the younger.

  As far as Ron Paul, he also has requested federal funding for I-69 in his district.  I don’t know if this is a case of him just doing his job for his district, or if its him figuring if there is going to be a NAFTA Highway he might as well get his folks in on the ground floor.

   Anyway, its an interesting article, and well worth checking out.