Now Read this…no….really…you’ll lol

 While I’ll grant that she has done some scurrilous things in her time,  I’ve still managed to tolerate Bagel like I would a dull normal step-sister.  I’ve been tricked into watching 7 minute long youtube’s that lead to suicide , Have had cat’s attached henceforth and forevermore to my blog, and listened to her whine about how hard she’s worked.

   Well, apparently the she-satan of Ration Reality has decided to make it up to me.  She has written an absolute gem of a piece translating Rap music into normal english.  It looks like quite possibly years of research went into this, and probably copious quantities of narcotics.  All of this on  whatever a housewife can save up from the grocery money and turning a trick or two on the weekend.

  I’ve read a lot of very funny stuff here at wordpress, but this is almost transcendant…you should probably have a look.  Or not.  you reading it won’t increase my income nor my enjoyment of the article, so I really couldn’t give a shit less.


2 Responses to Now Read this…no….really…you’ll lol

  1. “almost transcendent”

    almost transcendent ?
    WTF almost?!

    don’t make me get my gat afta yo’ cracka ass, biatch!

    Soy told me to say that. He says it’s ‘gangster’ for
    “Thanks ever so much for the swell words of encouragement, dear friend!”
    Soy is totally ‘down’ with the colloquialisms.

  2. i said almost the exact same thing a little while a go when i came home and one of the meighbors party buddies cars was blocking my drive…

    except the soy told me to say that part.

    quite impressive bagel

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