The Ron Paul Legion Featured in USA TODAY

    Well, they get points for creativity.   I’d be willing to bet none of  Hillary’s fans were laying around in a drunken stupor one day and thought, “hey, lets write dudes name on the roof.”  It’s actually a wonderful idea if you wish to reach disgruntled airlines passengers who have their noses pressed to the window to try to block the smell of the filthy plane.

   The contest rocks, too.  Check it out, if you guys give me a whole lot of your money, and you work your butts off to organize an event, then lord Ron shall deem you worthy of his personal visit.   Don’t throw 10’s and 20’s.  you need $11,500 to qualify.  It’s still pretty cool.  Raffle the candidate.  Kind of hillbillly, but still fun.

   I’m not sure what to make of the rest of this article.  I mean, I get that his supporters are rabid about the guy, but isn’t it true that crack makes a small percentage of the population rabid, and yet it affects society as a whole very little?  A few rabid Pauliacs does not a good campaign make, and the article again mentions those words we’ve been hearing for months “2% in national polls.”  You can’t ignore that forever.  You also can’t win an election with a total of 30,000 meetup members, and an unknown number of people wandering the internet trying to brainwash the rest of the herd.

    this quote says it all:

“They forge their own intellectual world to find the obscure, unusual sources of information that lead them to obscure, unusual candidates like Ron Paul,” said Brian Doherty, a columnist for the libertarian magazine Reason

   You can say all the nice things you want, but tossing that quote in the middle is another mainstream media compulsion.  Remind people over and over how unusual(wierd) and obscure(trivial) the little fella is.

   I am also kind of fond of the duct tape and spray paint theory.   While I anxiously await the boxcar “tagging” competitions artwork, the duct tape a homo for Dr. Ron marathon is bound to be the fundraising event of the year.

   Anyway, another useless article inspiring another useless blog piece about another useless candidate in the 2008 race.  Can’t wait for Fred to get in…the only thing better than a bunch of worthless turds is a bunch of worthless turds…+ 1.


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