What to do with illegal immigrants

September 2, 2007

  Lets see, Mexico’s president is enjoying 65% favorability even though he is using his military to fight crime in Mexico, an unpopular move to be sure.  President Bush is enjoying less than 30% popularity.  Do you think it may have something to do with how Mexico deals with their Illegal immigrant problems.

Quite likely not, but when I hear people cry about how evil our immigration policies are, I tend to remember that they are some of the most liberal on the planet, and far less stringent than any of our neighbors.

Thanks again George.  Fucking idiot


September 2, 2007

   Coming soon to an intersection near you…mexican trucking companies have been given the go ahead to assault America’s highways.  this means we will now have three nations hopped up truck drivers out there trying to kill us as we commute.

What is with the fucking 9th circuit court of appeals?  Are they like Borgs or some shit?  they haven’t made an intelligent ruling in the entire history of that august body, and taking all of their black robed asses out and drowning them in the ocean would be a mercy.  Fucking cretins.

    Thanks George Bush.  After 8 years of being fucked By Clinton, It’s nice to know that your stupid ass could carry on his legacy.  cocksucker

Ron Paul Places 3rd in Texas Straw Poll

September 2, 2007

   Ron Paul continues to place in the top 3 in virtually every straw poll conducted.  This one, in his home state of Texas, was only for voters who have either been delegates or alternates to a state or national convention recently. 

Duncan Hunter came in first, with Fred Thompson second.  No candidate outside the top 3 got more than single digits.  Duncan Hunter, famous for his strong Border Security stance did well in the border state, and Fred Thompson, famous for not being a candidate yet, but with strong southern values, also did well.

   Ron Paul’s third in his home state isn’t that surprising as these are strong party advocates, and Ron Paul isn’t a good Republican by any stretch.  Placing third is actually probably a good barometer of his conservative values.  Texan’s aren’t so much conservative, as they are rural, xenophobic, and big business republicans.

   Who am I kidding.  If you can only muck up a weak third in your home state you don’t have issues…you have become an issue.  Time to fold the tent Ron.  You have again deteriorated into a no hoper.

Who is Duncan Hunter?  No, I’m asking…who is he?  this is really kind of funny when you look at it.

The DNC Shows How much liberals care about your freedom

September 2, 2007

   I try to stay toward the center because both sides are so easy to disagree with.  I’ve drifted decidedly left over the last several years as I watched freedoms here erode in the interest of Global Aggression.    This week in Kremlinesque style and goosestep efficiency, a non-government entity, unelected by the people, and answerable to no one,  has etermined that many American’s have no right to take part in the political process.

    Having decided that backwater states Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina; and that glittery bastion of depravity in the desert, Necada will have first say in who will be the nominees for president of the United States, granting to them an incredible amount of clout,  which isn’t in line with their representation of American Society as a whole.

  To clue you in on what I’m talking about, look here.   The DNC has determined that they and only they will get to decide when primaries shall be held, and invoked severe sanctions against any state that got out of line.  This affects Michigan in particular, a state where manufacturing has been beaten into the ground by poor legislation and criminally negligent trade policies.  Michigan would be a great representative in early primaries.  They would be a good showcase of what is likely to happen in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  All these states have suffered under the economic malfeasance of both parties of government, and maintaining the status quo allows the DNC to continue to marginalize trade unions import in the nominating process.  Unions are volatile, and are unlikely to come out strongly for those candidates the DNC favors, (Edwards, Obama, Clinton).  The Firemen recently came out for Chris Dodd, and that is not a good thing for the big three.

    It would appear to me that the party that has been raging about privacy and freedom from government intervention, has decided that the party itself should be the controlling organization in how elections are handled.  Nice job.  Way to push people back toward the right you idiotic Stalinists.