Coming soon to an intersection near you…mexican trucking companies have been given the go ahead to assault America’s highways.  this means we will now have three nations hopped up truck drivers out there trying to kill us as we commute.

What is with the fucking 9th circuit court of appeals?  Are they like Borgs or some shit?  they haven’t made an intelligent ruling in the entire history of that august body, and taking all of their black robed asses out and drowning them in the ocean would be a mercy.  Fucking cretins.

    Thanks George Bush.  After 8 years of being fucked By Clinton, It’s nice to know that your stupid ass could carry on his legacy.  cocksucker


One Response to Arriba!!!!Arriba!!!!

  1. Conundrum says:

    >>>Mexican trucking companies would have to meet the same regulations governing U.S. trucking companies,

    Who is going to attend to this little detail? Who is going to make sure the Mexican truck drivers don’t have drunk and druged problems?

    I love the line about the US truckers having the wonderful opportunity to haul cargo into Mexico….Huh, with the crime in Mexico, they wouuld most likely be lucky to get back home with the shoes on their feet.

    I am still looking for the ways that NAFTA has helped the USA. Some minor points maybe but overall, helps the 2 partners more it seems. Poor Ross Perot was ridiculed at the time but we are still hearing the great sucking sound.

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