Ron Paul Places 3rd in Texas Straw Poll

   Ron Paul continues to place in the top 3 in virtually every straw poll conducted.  This one, in his home state of Texas, was only for voters who have either been delegates or alternates to a state or national convention recently. 

Duncan Hunter came in first, with Fred Thompson second.  No candidate outside the top 3 got more than single digits.  Duncan Hunter, famous for his strong Border Security stance did well in the border state, and Fred Thompson, famous for not being a candidate yet, but with strong southern values, also did well.

   Ron Paul’s third in his home state isn’t that surprising as these are strong party advocates, and Ron Paul isn’t a good Republican by any stretch.  Placing third is actually probably a good barometer of his conservative values.  Texan’s aren’t so much conservative, as they are rural, xenophobic, and big business republicans.

   Who am I kidding.  If you can only muck up a weak third in your home state you don’t have issues…you have become an issue.  Time to fold the tent Ron.  You have again deteriorated into a no hoper.

Who is Duncan Hunter?  No, I’m asking…who is he?  this is really kind of funny when you look at it.

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